Which Dog Pound in Dublin Should You Get a Dog From?

Dublin Dog Pound

When you decide to add a dog to your family one of the first places you should consider looking is the rescue center/dog pound near to you. If you are living in Dublin, then you may be wondering which Dog Pound in Dublin would be the best choice to get a dog from.

All rescues have dogs who are looking for a home. The rescues all want to rehome them and when it comes to which is the best choice that really comes down to things like:

• Which is more local to you?
• Which have dogs that will suit your lifestyle?
• Which can facilitate a visit for you to come and look around?

Before you consider adding a dog to your family there are lots of factors to take into consideration. Once you adopt a dog you are responsible for them for their entire life and so you should be prepared for all that involves.
The following are questions you should ask yourself before you adopt a dog.

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Things To Consider Before You Get A Dog

#1. Can You Afford a Dog?

There are so many costs associated with having a dog. For example, Food, Bedding, Toys, Vets Bills, Pet Insurance, Pet Sitter/Kennel, Dog Walker if you work. All these costs can add up over the years.

#2. Do You Have Time for a Dog?

Much like kids, dogs need a lot of your time. They don’t just need a walk every day, they also need time for play, cuddles, and love.

They don’t understand that you have things to do they just want to sit with you, play with you and get your attention.

#3. Do You Have Space for a Dog?

If you have a small apartment then a Great Dane is not going to be the best choice of dog. You should select a dog that fits the space that you have.

Do you have a fenced in garden that your dog will be safe in or do you need to address that before you get a dog?

#4. Are You Prepared for a Dog?

When you get a dog, there is going to be a little more mess in the house. This can be dog hair, dirty paws, and general dog smell!

Obviously, there are ways to minimise the mess, however, you should be prepared for a dog being in your home.

Which Dog Pound in Dublin Should You Get a Dog From?


The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) is a registered charity, established in 1840 to prevent cruelty to animals and is now Ireland’s largest animal welfare organisation.

The DSPCA are a charity and so rely heavily on donations. They also have a Pet Hotel and Training Centre.

Their rescue and rehoming center is open 7 days per week

• Monday – Friday 11.00 to 4.30
• Saturdays 12.00 to 4.30
• Sundays 12.00 to 4.30

You can look around the center and then meet with one of their adoption co-ordinators to talk about the process of adopting a dog from the DSPCA.

We chatted to 2 people from our Love Your Pets Facebook Group about their experience with rescuing a dog from the DSPCA.

Meet Bella and Milo

“I rescued both mine from the DSPCA. Bella was 2 & a half & Milo roughly 12 weeks. Bella was with the one family for 2 years but the woman became pregnant and decided she didn’t want a dog around the baby. Apparently, her partner was devastated handing Bella in. Milo was dumped on the side of a road with his mother and siblings. From what I know of his mother’s background it did not look like she was taken care of either.” ~Maria

Meet Pixie, Blue and Lili

“We have rescued three animals. Pixie the cat and Blue the sprocker from the DSPCA. We found them great to deal with and very thorough. We rescued Lili from Carrick dog shelter via Sophie s Dog Rescue in Belfast. They were brilliant and fostered Lili before we adopted her. They even transported her to Dublin for us!” ~Louise

#2. Dogs Trust

There is lots of information on the Dogs Trust website about rehoming a dog. They have done a great job of answering all your most frequently asked questions.

They also have a great search facility to look for a particular breed of dog, so you can choose a dog that is the right size and activity level for your lifestyle.

The center is closed Tuesday, but you can call in and visit them any other day from 12-4pm at their center in Finglas.

It’s currently 130 euro to adopt a dog and they are:

• Neutered
• Micro-chipped
• Vaccinated
• Vet Checked


#3.  Dogs in Distress

Dogs in Distress do not have a facility where you can visit and take a look at the dogs needing homes. Instead, they operate a network of foster homes that take care of dogs that are waiting to be rehomed.

Once you find a dog on their website that you would like to offer a home to you then need to complete an application form. Someone from the rescue will then get in touch to discuss your application.

A home visit is required before you can adopt a dog. The minimum donation for adopting a Dogs in Distress dog is 150 euro. Dogs are re-homed wormed, neutered/spayed, micro-chipped and with their 1st vaccination as a minimum.

Meet Yogi Bear

“Dogs in distress is where yogi bear comes from. A black pug age 8 now 9 he had been surrendered to the pound. I already have a cream pug the same age so I decided to take him. He came with 12 rotten teeth, a horrendous skin yeast infection and nails like horns. His poor nose was also all cracked. He’s had teeth removed, nails were done, nose sorted and is on lifelong meds for his skin and awaiting a new drug from America as the one he’s on has side effects.

Yogi bear has taught me so much, he’s such a character and will put up with anything from vets or groomers as he’s so unassuming. He’s turned into the biggest brat here in the house that we had to get him a crate (man cave we call it) as he can’t understand that he has to share his food with poor Frankie the other pug so we pop him in it for few minutes while preparing food. I love him to bits and would be devastated if I ever have to say goodbye to him.” ~ Bernie

#4. Irish Cavalier Rescue

For over a decade, Irish Cavalier Rescue has been helping Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in Ireland and worked nationally and internationally on cavalier and canine health, welfare, rescue, and policy.

They work with pounds and other rescues to take in and rehome cavaliers, and advise and can help people needing to rehome their cavalier. All of their rescue dogs are vet checked, neutered, chipped and registered. They charge a homing fee to cover these costs and comply fully with all national dog homing regulations.

You can find more information about them on their Facebook Page.

Meet Bonnie and Ben

“We rescued Bonnie and Ben from Irish Cavalier Rescue, Dublin last July. Bonnie is 4 and Ben is 5 , no actual D.O.B for either. The family gave them to rescue as their child was allergic, they then went to a foster family for five months. During that time a couple took them but returned them after 1 week. I came across them accidentally after we lost our 16.5-year-old Phoebe. I went to see them and within 3 weeks of losing Phoebe, they were ours. We sent application forms, had a few phone calls and texts, had a home check done and have never looked back. I love them both.” ~ Rosie

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