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I was flicking through the movie section on my tv guide recently and I saw that Hotel for Dogs was available for viewing. I didn’t get  chance to watch it but I was then curious if dog hotels actually existed and surprise, surprise America has plenty!

One place that really caught my eye was the Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa. Recently named the swankiest pet hotel in the world by the popular social network Dogster, this truly is 5 paw accommodation. There are a range of rooms available to suit every dog.

Rodeo Drive Storefront Suites

The Rodeo Drive “Storefront Suites” have retail therapy views of Fursace, Pucci, Pawda, Sniffany’s and Chewnel. Each room has individual light control and a flatscreen tv broadcasting animal programmes. There are “snoutcams” which stream 24 hours a day so owners can keep an eye on their beloved dogs online. Night time comes with a tuck in tummy rub and a bedtime story…yes, a bedtime story.

The Hollywoof Boulevard Suites are for the quiet sophisticated type. There are stunning views of Growlmans Chinese Theatre, Barclight Cinemas and much more. These suites have the same amenities as mentioned above.

Hollywoof Boulevard Suites

The Barley Park Suites are for those who appreciate scenery. The rooms are situated amongst luxury gardens which provide a fantastic view. The interior of the suites contains wrought ironwork, floral décor and designer bedding.

Some other features of the 32,000 square foot facility include custom climate control systems, state of the art ventilation systems, skylights strategically placed to provide natural light which helps reduce stress levels (for the dogs, not the staff), audio/video equipment that constantly plays soothing sounds and visuals, dishwashing and laundry facilities, a maid service, room service and carefully selected paint colours to give the pets a positive reaction. You can even book a limousine ride for your dog if they enjoy being driven around. Prices range from $52 to $100 per night.

Barkley Park Suites

While people may think that they are doing well by sending their pets to a hotel or other accommodation, many don’t realise that changing your dog’s environment and daily routine so quickly can have a negative effect. Firstly, it can cause anxiety and stress. The dog is put into unfamiliar surroundings with strange smells, sounds and people they don’t know. This stress can cause the dog to stop eating, and can lower their immune system which leaves them susceptible to illnesses like kennel cough. All of these factors could also easily influence your pet’s behaviour. They may become frightened and can even become aggressive.

That’s where Pet Sitting comes in. We care for your pet in the comfort of their own home. They stay in their familiar environment and we follow your instructions strictly to guarantee that their daily routine remains unchanged. We give your pet full attention and care, and we also send a text after each visit to confirm that your pet is safe and happy.

You can get a complimentary meet and greet with no obligation before you use the service.

This ensures that you are completely happy with your pet sitter.

Why not fill out an enquiry form on our website, or give us a call on our Freephone Number 1800 30 30 10 for a free quote.

Source Photos: Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa.



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