Dog Grooming Cork: Best Dog Groomers In Cork

Dog Grooming Cork

If you own a dog in Cork then it is likely that at some stage in your dog’s life they are going to be visiting a Dog Groomer in Cork. As we often get asked for recommendations for different pet services we wanted to put together a list of places for dog grooming in cork.

Why Take Your Dog To The Groomers?

Before we look at the different grooming option in Cork we wanted to discuss why you might need to take your dog to a Groomer.

  1. They are a breed that needs grooming regularly.
  2. You just can’t manage washing them on your own, they are either too big or just to excitable.
  3. You want them professional clipped and wouldn’t attempt it yourself.
  4. You want a flee treatment applied
  5. You want their nails clipped
  6. You just love the smell of a freshly washed dog!

What To Look For In A Good Dog Groomer.

  1. They are a professional at what they do. Look for their qualifications which they normally display at their premises.
  2. Are they a legitimately insured business.
  3. What are their reviews like? Do people talk highly of them on social media.
  4. How does your dog react to them?
  5. What are their prices? Cheap doesn’t always mean best!

The Best Dog Grooming in Cork

Dog Groomers Cork City

Pouladuff Road Dog Grooming

Visit –

PawPaws Grooming Clinic

Visit –

Dog Groomers Douglas, Cork

Douglas Dog Grooming

Visit –

The Village Vet Clinic

Visit –

Dog Groomer Ballincollig, Cork

Gabby And Mileys

Visit –

Bark in Style
Visit –

Dog Groomer Bandon, Cork

Posh Pets

Visit –

Dog Groomers Kinsale, Cork

Posh Pets

Visit –

Mobile Dog Grooming Cork

Mobile Dog Groomer Cork

Covers Cork City, its suburbs and West Cork.

Visit –

Dial A Dog Wash

Covers all of Cork

Visit –

Dog Grooming Courses Cork

St John’s Central College

Animal Grooming Course

Visits –

What Type Of Services Does A Dog Groomer Offer?

  • Dog Grooming
  • Puppy Grooming
  • Deshedding and Dematting
  • Hygiene
  • Wash and Blowdry
  • Heath Checks

Dog Groomer Cork Prices

Prices vary for a groomer in Cork from 30-100 euro plus.

The price mainly varies due to the size of the dog and if there is any additional work to be done, for example if they are particularly badly matted then there is usually an additional charge for this.

My advice would be to get a price up front so that you know what the charge is before your dog has been groomed. That way they are no surprises when you go to collect them.

If there are other Groomers in the Cork area you have used let us know in the comments below.