Dog Groomers Dublin: Dog Grooming Prices, Rates, Services and More

Dog Groomers Dublin

We talk with lots of customers every day who use the services of Dog Groomers in Dublin. They want their dog to smell fresh and look their best all the time. For some breeds it’s a necessity rather than a luxury to get them groomed.

If you are new to Dublin, or have never needed to use a Dog Groomer before, it’s hard to decide where the best place to take them is and understand what the costs might be.

In this article we look at the cost of Dog Grooming in Dublin and what Dog Groomers charge on average, which dog Groomers you could take them to and the services that they offer.

Dog Grooming Services In Dublin

You might think that a dog groomer just washes and clips dogs, but actually there are a lot more services that they offer.

Most Dog Groomers also offer the following services:

Nail Trimming and trimming fur around pads

This isn’t always something people want to do themselves at home, but long nails can be really painful for dogs, so it is important to trim them regularly.

Styling to breed specific look

Grooming at home can be great, but getting a professional groomer to style your dog to their breed look is going to leave them looking very stylish. Maybe you have your own preferences when it comes to how they are styled. These are things that your groomer will take into account when grooming your dog.

Ear Cleaning

It’s important to keep your dog’s ears clean to avoid any infections, which can be very painful for dogs.

Breath Freshener

Everyone want a fresh smelling dog!

Flea Baths

Dog Groomers can also apply flea prevention treatments for you as well.

De Matting Services

Prevention is the best option when it comes to matted dogs. It’s really important to brush your dog regularly between grooming sessions to keep their fur from getting matted.

Bum and Groin cleaning

All dogs want a clean and healthy ‘area’.

Cost Of Dog Grooming In Dublin

There are a lot of factors that go into determining how much it will cost to get your dog groomed, so it can be very hard to quote an exact price.

The size of the dog is obviously an important factor, a small dog is going to cost a lot less than a large dog due to the length of time it would take to groom. Also a dog with longer hair can cost more than a dog with shorter hair.

If you dog is matted then it usually costs more to get them groomed due to the time it takes to de tangle the dog hair.

If you want your dog groomed in a breed specific style then this will also take a lot longer and can incur an additional cost. Specific shaping around the face, feet or tail will be more time consuming.

Additional services such as ear cleaning, bum cleaning, flea baths etc usually incur an additional cost which your dog groomer will be able to advise you on.

The cost of grooming in Dublin ranges from 40 euro – 90 euro plus for a groom, plus any additional service costs.

Dog Groomer Dublin

Dog Groomers Dublin

When you look for any service provider it can be hard to find the perfect match for you and your dog. We took a look on Google to see what groomers we could find in the different areas of Dublin.

We would recommend that you arrange to meet with your groomer before you use them and find out a little bit more about them, their service, their qualifications and the process they go through when grooming your dog.

Dog Groomer Sandyford – Little Paws

They offer grooming at their store and mobile grooming. They have a full range of grooming services, along with an online pet store where you can buy accessories for your dog.

Dog Groomer Terenure – Dogsbody Grooming Salon

They offer a top to toe grooming service to really pamper your dog. They also offer dog grooming courses at a variety of different levels.

Dog Groomer Dublin 2, Dublin 8 – Mutt Ugly

Mutt Ugly offer a full dog grooming service to get your pooch into tip top shape. With 2 locations in Dublin they have been in business since 2006. They also offer Doggy Day Care, have a training centre for people wanting to become a groomer and a pet store to treat your pooch.

Dog Groomer Fairview, Dublin 3 – Glamour Dogs

Glamour Dogs offer grooming for all types and sizes of dogs. They have a comprehensive range of services and there prices are all clearly outlined on their website. They also have a pet store where they sell a range of cool things for your dog.

We have lots of great articles about Dog Grooming which will give you more information about the Grooming process.