Dog Games And Toys

Dogs love to play and so it is important that they are kept stimulated to stop them from getting bored or destructive. The more time you spend away from your beloved pet the more important it is for them to have some means of keeping themselves entertained.

Instead of allowing your dog to become bored and destructive, Dog Games or toys can give them something to occupy them and keep them from chewing your new shoes, new clothes or even eating the furniture!

Dog Games

Interactive Dog Toys can be particularly good as it keeps their mind stimulated. Dogs can get great fun from playing with games that encourage them to search for a treat. Many now come with treat spots, which allow you to hide your dogs treats in and makes a fun game for your pet in trying to find them.

When choosing toys for your dog, make sure that they are appropriate for the size and strength of the dog. It’s also important that you check that the toy is suitable for unsupervised play, as some Interactive Dog Games must be supervised. For example an incident was reported when a dog’s tongue became trapped in a hole in a playing ball, which required a long and painful medical procedure to remove the dogs tongue. So it is very important that you choose the right toy for the right activity and that you always check the toys instructions before giving the toy to your dog.

Dog ToysIt’s also important to regularly check your dogs toys to make sure there are no choke hazards due to chewing.

Dog Games and Toys are not an alternative to exercising your dog as they need a mix of both physical and mental stimulation. However they are important for your dog and are sure to keep their tails wagging!

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