Dog Friendly Venue Dublin: Review Of Provender & Family

Dog Friendly Venue Dublin

The last article we wrote in this series featured MVP, a dog-friendly pub and community events venue in Dublin 6. This week, I headed north of the Liffey, to Smithfield Square, in Dublin 7, to the lovely Provender & Family – a Dog Friendly Venue Dublin.

Provender & Family opened their doors to humans and canines alike in January 2016. Unlike Pupp and MVP which we have previously written on, dogs can’t go inside the premises, but that’s because this takeout food and drinks café is so tiny it can barely fit humans inside – this, however, should not deter visitors.

The small size gives Provender a unique atmosphere of cosiness and familiarity, which also resonates with the incredibly friendly and hospitable staff. And while the inside a little cramped, they cater for humans and dogs with their plentiful outdoor seating, and colour coordinated doggy water bowl right outside the door.

Where Is Provender & Family?

Provender & Family makes its home at 57 Smithfield, Smithfield Square, Dublin 7. It sits in the heart of Smithfield Square, right beside The Vintage Factory, and a stone’s throw from the Smithfield Luas stop. If you’re not familiar with Smithfield, you’re missing out! Smithfield Square is a beautiful open space at the heart of the city, with plenty to offer by way of food and coffee shops, one of the best cinemas in Dublin, as well as lovely pubs.

Dog-Friendly Venue Dublin

During the summer, Smithfield plays host to many open air events suitable for adults, children, and pets, of course. Why not plan a day out to the square on a fine day and pop into Provender for refreshments for all the family (pooch included)?

What Is Provender & Family?

Provender & Family is a small shop, serving takeaway breakfast, lunch, coffee and loose leaf tea. Their coffee and tea are sublime, their food is delicious, and their prices are genuinely reasonable for the area they’re located in. Many of their products are locally sourced and healthy. For €4.50, you can grab a coffee/tea and a scone/pastry, or some hearty warm soup. You can get a toasted speciality sandwich and a soup or salad for a tenner, and if that’s a bit pricey, you can also get a sausage roll and a soup or salad for €7, or just a toastie by itself for €7.50!

If you’re not in the mood for a hot drink, they also have a wide range of speciality healthy fruit juices to choose from. As well as their lunch and breakfast food, they also serve a range of delectable baked treats such as tartlets, vegan chocolate fudge slices, raspberry cheesecake brownie slices and gluten and dairy free treats. Other snacks on offer include healthy popcorn, nuts, and crisps. As well as food and drinks, they also sell incredibly cute cards for all occasions, designed by local artists!

Handmade Cards

Provender & Family is an aesthetically gorgeous and really lovely place to sit in the sun and treat yourself to something nice, and have a chat with the lovely and personable staff. I highly recommend a visit!

Provender & Family opens 08:00-17:00 Monday to Friday, 10:00-17:00 Saturday, and 10:00-16:00 Sunday. You can find more info and contact information on their social media, @ProvenderandFamily.

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