How To Convince Your Boss To Make Your Office Dog Friendly!

Dog Friendly Ireland Day

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bring your furry best friend to work? Well thanks to Dog Friendly Ireland Day now you might be able to.

No matter where you live … near the village in Rathfarnham or along the scenic route leading up the mountains along the Edmondstown road, the journey to work is made harder by having to leave your four-legged friend at home.

As you drive to Sandyford industrial estate, Dundrum or one of the many other areas off the M50 motorway on your way to work, you may dream instead of being with your pet dog in one of the beautiful parks along the way, Cabinteely or Marlay Park to name but two.

So, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a compromise and be able to bring your dog to work with you!

In support of Dog Friendly Day this June 21st what better reason is there for your boss to say Yes, to your charitable idea ?

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21st  June Is Dog Friendly Day… So, What Does It Mean?

To support and celebrate the day, you can either allow dogs on your premises for the day or visit your favourite Dog Friendly location with your furry friend on June 21st!

Dogs Trust Ireland have launched their second national Dog Friendly Ireland Day.

Following on from the success of 2018, where more than 500 individuals and organisations joined in celebrating the day, they are asking establishments of all types across the country to allow dogs access with their owners for this one day… and they are asking dog owners to visit their local Dog Friendly establishment on the day, take photos and to tell the world all about it!

Whether you’re a business owner, working in an office, café or social venue, or you’re someone who just loves going out and about with their furry best friend, you can join in celebrating Dog Friendly Ireland Day on June 21st, 2019!

We want to help make Ireland the best country in the world for dogs and their owners.

Sound like your kind of Ireland? … well keep reading for some tips on how to convince your boss to join you in supporting Dog Friendly Ireland.

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Dog Friendly Benefits For Your Boss!

Increasing research supports the reality that letting your employees bring their dogs to work benefits productivity and reduces sick leave.

As canine lovers already know Dogs are good for our health (both physical and mental), lowering blood pressure and improving concentration levels, which of course not only benefits the individual but also the workplace team at large.

According to research from online job board CV-Library, Irish employers are beginning to see the benefits of allowing their staff bring their animals to work with them.

With hugely successful companies such as Google and Airbnb already reaping the benefits, other smaller businesses are starting to follow their lead.   2,000 employees from across the UK and Ireland were surveyed for the research, which revealed that 1 in 5 workplaces in Ireland now accept pets in the office.

So, with increasing evidence that making the office dog friendly can help ease stress and help people work more productively, your boss will surely say Yes!


Dog Friendly Ireland Dogs Trust

Show Your Boss You Have Done Your Research!

With a helpful list of Tips from Dogs Trust you can show you are prepared for the practical side of your boss allowing dogs into your workplace and can join the ranks of successful companies like Google:

  • No one size fits all! Be sure to consider the layout and activity taking place on your premises before considering how it will operate.
  • Have a think beforehand as to how many dogs you can comfortably and safely allow in at one time.
  • Make it known to any visitors that dogs may be on site for the day.
  • If you are allowing dogs into a workplace be sure to get the approval of your boss and colleagues first!
  • Have a fresh supply of water available for dogs in a safe area.
  • Having a good supply of poo bags on standby is never a bad idea!
  • Please ensure all dogs have a safe space to stay close to their owners, away from any busy areas.
  • Share photos of all the dogs and their owners on site that day using #DogFriendlyIrelandDay.

Recent research carried out on Dogs Trust behalf by Behaviours & Attitudes showed that 40% of households in Ireland have at least one dog. This is much higher than our closest neighbours, the United Kingdom, where dog ownership stands at 26%. Even still, the UK provide significantly more dog friendly services and venues, allowing people to include their dogs in their daily lives.

Trial Day 21st June (Dog Friendly Day Nationwide)

If your office Dog Friendly Day is successful, then perhaps suggest repeating the exercise one day a month to your boss, to be reviewed ongoing.

If your office Dog Friendly Day isn’t as successful as you had hoped, no worries as at least you supported awareness of Dog friendly day Ireland and hopefully opened your colleagues’ minds to a more positive mental attitude towards dogs.

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And if you ever need help taking care of your dog…simply call us on 1800 30 30 10 or fill out our Contact Form for a call back …we are there whenever you need us!

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