Dog Friendly Venue Dublin: The Fumbally Cafe

Dog Friendly Venue Fumbally.

In the last instalment of this series, I ventured to Sandymount in hopes of good weather and good dog friendly venues. I was disappointed on the first count, but not on the latter. Sandymount loves dogs, I concluded. Especially The Bath of Sandymount. Another area that seems to love dogs is Dublin 8, where the previously covered MVP and Pupp are located. This week I found another wonderful dog friendly spot in Dublin 8 – The Fumbally Café.

Where Is The Fumbally Cafe, Dublin

The Fumbally sits on the corner Fumbally Lane and New Street South, in Merchants Quay, Dublin 8. It’s a stone’s throw from the city centre, but offers the kind of serenity that would lead you to mistake it for being much further from it.

What Is Great About The Fumbally Cafe, Dublin?

The Fumbally is one of my favourite cafes in Dublin – and one of the most highly ranked by critics, too. They serve some of the most delicious breakfast and lunch food I’ve ever tasted, served fresh with excellent ingredients and daily specials, as well as a fresh salad bar that makes the mouth water at a single glance. As well as food, they serve excellent speciality coffees and teas, as well as fresh juices and fresh baked goods.

They are very conscious of catering to all dietary needs which is refreshing, and reflective of the thoughtful, kind nature of the people who run the Fumbally. The Fumbally in the product of a true and evident passion and love for good food, and sharing good food with people. The “about” section of their website states:

“The Fumbally is the culmination of 4 years of cooking, travelling, working at festivals, gathering ideas, arguing those ideas, making mistakes, making new friends, finally realising those ideas, having lots of dinners, tasting new things, building a kitchen and seeing what will happen.”

The authenticity of the staff at The Fumbally is unmistakable and very endearing, which has earned them the loyalty they’ve acquired since opening.

The Fumbally is a popular spot for art lovers and appreciators, and regularly hosts exhibitions, as well as having lots of pieces permanently on display. This and the cosy corner with a vast library make it a firm favourite of mine.




Will Your Dog Love The Fumbally Cafe, Dublin?

We all know that our furry loved ones are very susceptible to environment, and the positive effect a good environment can have on them. I’ve often seen very happy pooches reclined on the comfy sofas in the Fumbally, welcomed and adored by the staff. As well as the sofas inside the café, there’s plenty of outdoor seating for enjoying the good weather.

One downside of taking your dog indoors is that they must be on leads, but I haven’t found this to be an issue myself. Regardless of whether you want to sit inside or outside, the staff will be on hand to offer you a water bowl for your four legged friends, and if you ask nicely they might even have some treats to offer!

Review of The Dog Friendly Venue: Fumbally Cafe, Dublin

I can’t recommend The Fumbally enough! It’s friendly and comfortable environment never fails to warm my heart, and their delicious food never fails to warm my belly. Whether you’re looking for food or refreshments, pop in with your pet, have a sit down, read a book, enjoy the atmosphere!

The Fumbally opens 08:00-17:00 Tuesday to Friday and 10:00-17:00 Saturdays, as well as opening for dinner every Wednesday from 19:00-21:30. You can find more info on them at their website or at their Facebook @FumballyCafe