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Dog Friendly

Another great week as Ireland has seen the sunshine ALL week. The good weather lifts people’s mood, it keeps wet muddy paws off my kitchen floor and it something every Irish person longs for all year!

Our Nose Of Tralee competition is going well and there are lots of amazing entries coming in. There are still a few weeks to enter so get the camera out and start taking some gorgeous pictures of your pets and enter them today. There are fabulous prizes and it’s a great way to show off the love you have for your pet and also grab that title of Nose Of Tralee.

Would You Love To Take Your Dog On Holiday With You?

Fancy a trip to the UK, Ireland or France? This dog friendly boat could be just the thing that you are looking for. Irish Ferries has announced their new 144 million euro cruise facility which will sail between the UK, Ireland, and France. The good thing for pet owners is that it is going to have an on board facility for your pet which means now your four-legged friend can travel with you.

It’s really refreshing to see more companies embracing the fact that people want to take their pets with them. I’m looking forward to seeing what the facilities will include and the standard of them.

The Queen And Her Corgis.

We all know the queen is a massive lover of her Corgis, reportedly having owned more than 30 of them over the years. The new range of royal dog accessories is perfect for dog lovers around the world and I am sure will be a great hit.

All About The Corgi: Cost, Pricing, Breeders and More

The prices are not the cheapest, however, they are also not that expensive that they won’t be affordable for a lot of dog owners.

“The 11-piece range also includes a double sided grooming brush (£9.95), an accessory pouch (£14.95), a handmade tartan fleece blanket (£60) and pet beds (£65 to £75). The white china bowl costs £25, while the coats are priced from £35 to £45.” Independent

Conor McGregor Gets A New Dog

When I first read this article about Conor McGregor getting a puppy I did wonder how he would have time to take care of it with his busy work commitments. However, it turns out that he’s bought it for his mum and dad.

I’m sure he’ll be spending time with it, but I’m glad it’s with his mum and dad who can give it the time and attention it needs.

Say hello to little Benjamin!

A photo posted by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on


Woman Found Guilty Of Taping Dog’s Mouth Shut

I read about this story on Facebook some time ago. I woman was complaining her dog was barking and then posted a picture on Facebook of her dog’s mouth taped up and the caption “This is what happens when you don’t shut up!!!”

To say the story sparked outrage is an understatement and quite rightly too. The lady showed no remorse and seemed to find it funny, so I was really glad to see that the authorities took it seriously.

I was however then a little disappointed to see that she was only sentenced to a year of supervised probation and that sentence was suspended. To me just ending up paying court fees is not really a punishment at all and I stronger message needed to be sent to stop animal cruelty of any kind.

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Pod GPS Pet Tracker Collar

If you have ever wondered where your cat is or your dog has escaped through the fence before and you were worried then this collar is for your pet. A GPS tracking collar is a perfect way to see where your pets are at all times.

An idea that came from a lost pet is now giving pet owners the opportunity to feel safe knowing where their four legged family members are at all times.

GPS Cat Tracker

ScoobyBox: Dog Treat Subscription Box

All dogs love treats and sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect ones for your dog. So a monthly dog treat subscription service can be the perfect idea for busy pet professional.

Filled with great dog treats and toys, your dog will be tail waggingly happy when he gets this every month.

Enter the Nose Of Tralee

This week we are promoting our annual pet competition with some amazing prizes. You can the Nose of Tralee using the link below.

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