Dog-Friendly Venue Dublin: The Bath Pub, Sandymount

Bath Pub Dog Friendly Pub

Our last instalment in this series featured Brownes of Sandymount, a café and bistro close to Sandymount Strand dubbed as dog-friendly. Up this week on my quest to find every dog-friendly venue in Dublin is The Bath Pub in Sandymount.

Where is The Bath Pub?

The Bath is located on Bath Avenue in Sandymount. It’s close to the city centre and to Sandymount Strand, as well as being close to Herbert Park and Ballsbridge, so no matter where you’re going to or coming from with your furry friend, it’s definitely worth stopping in!

Bath Pub Dog Friendly Dublin

What’s In It For The Humans?

The Bath is a beautiful, vibrant, large pub. The pub is divided into three parts. The outermost terrace is outdoors with plenty of spacious seating, covered by parasols in case of rain, because we all know the Irish weather is never to be trusted. Contained within the outdoor terrace is a heated patio terrace with more seating and a television for watching the match of the day/hour. Then there’s the indoor area, spacious and inviting, with two separate areas, each with plentiful comfy seating and a service area.

The venue caters for many appetites, with a wide range of beers and ciders including craft drinks, as well as an extensive cocktail and wine menu. As for food, if you’re looking for a spot of brunch on a weekend day out with the entire family* (*it’s not the entire family without the dogs, obviously) this is the perfect spot. They have a mouth-watering breakfast and brunch menu served from 10-4, including award winning pancakes and a good honest full Irish. In the evening they serve incredible pizzas from the award winning Base Wood Fired Pizzas, unbeatable for a delicious taste.

Bath Pub Dublin

What Does The Bath Pub Offer for my Dog?

Dogs are enthusiastically welcomed in all areas of The Bath. When I arrived with a dog in tow, we cautiously sat in the outermost terrace, unsure of whether the dog would be welcomed inside. Within minutes, we were quickly greeted by a very friendly staff member who assured us, unprompted, that dogs were welcome inside too, AND before taking the humans orders, asked if we wanted a dog bowl, while heartily introducing herself to the dog. The dog sipped happily on her water while I enjoyed my coffee in the lovely outdoors.

It was very clear to me immediately that this place was the real deal in catering for canines – it does exactly what it says on the tin. When I went inside, I met two dogs, lounged out on the comfy seating while their families enjoyed a Sunday brunch. Nobody seemed bothered by this and it seemed like a completely comfortable environment, almost as if it wouldn’t be right if there weren’t any dogs present.

Dog Friendly Pub Dublin

While we were sitting in the outer terrace another two more staff members came to introduce themselves to the dog, one commenting on how meeting her had set her up for her workday. The Bath truly is a friendly safe haven for dogs and humans alike.

Review Of The Bath Pub.

The Bath is paws-down my new favourite spot for a morning or afternoon out with the dog. It’s a gorgeous venue, with wonderful staff and delicious food and drinks, but most importantly, I’ve never felt more comfortable bringing a dog with me somewhere where we could both relax and put our feet up. If you haven’t been, put it on your to-do list!

The Bath opens from 4 til 11:30 Monday to Thursday, from 3 til 12:30 Friday, and from 10 til 11:30 Saturday and Sunday. You can find out more about them at their Facebook page @TheBathPub or enquire about bookings at or by phone on 0872256514.

Have you been to the Bath Pub in Dublin with your dog? Let us know in the comments below.