Dog Fouling Problem Being Solved With Talking Lamp-Posts

We’ve all experienced it – we’ve stood in a pile of the squishy stuff! And it’s not fun. It’s really annoying and you feel even more annoyed that you always pick your dog’s poo up – so why don’t other people!

I get it!

So I was glad to read this morning that more will be done to tackle this problem in the Dublin area.

More bins you think? More poo bags? No…talking lamp-posts.

Dog And Poo Bag

Here is what is happening…

Talking lamp-posts are set to be installed in Dublin city to warn dog owners to clean up after their pets, under a new litter management plan from Dublin City Council. The council is proposing to use pre-recorded messages reminding dog walkers to obey the law in “dog litter black spots” across the city. A similar system has been used in Balbriggan in north Dublin and Lahinch, Co Clare.

Now you might be wondering how a talking lamp-post will make someone pick up their dog’s poo.

But I think this will work on the shame factor.

If your dog just left a big pressie on the pavement for you and then a lamp-post starts telling you to pick it up….I think you might be more inclined to. Especially if the recorded message is loud for all to hear!

What’s the consequence if you don’t?

Dog owners caught breaking the law face a fine of €150 or up to €4,000 on court conviction.

It’s quite a hefty fine and one so easily avoided by using a roll of poo bags.

Time will tell if this is the answer to our dog poo problems.

I think it’s good to see something being done and I love the fact they are getting the community involved with their social media campaign. Anything that the community is behind is bound to do well.

The council is also planning a 12-week advertising campaign in Dublin cinemas to highlight “dog fouling issues”, as well as a social media campaign to encourage responsible dog owners to post “selfies” to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the identifier #binthepoo.


So what do you think?

Insane Idea or Genius Plan?



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