The Benefits Of Dog Duvet Covers

Dog DuvetWhen you think of Dog Beds you don’t automatically think of getting your dog a Dog Duvet. But for many of us, living in a place where it’s not always clean and dry outside, it makes perfect sense.

We live out in the country and the dogs are in and out ALL day long. For a large part of the year it’s wet, and with rain brings mud!

So having a traditional dog bed just doesn’t make sense for us. We need something that we can take the cover off and throw in the wash and dry it quickly.

So when we found out about these Molly Mutt Dog Duvets we knew our four legged customers would love them too.

What I love most about them is that you can use old bedding, old clothing, pillows etc to stuff them. In fact you can order a Stuff Sack to make it easy to just pull out the middle, throw the cover in the wash and dry it.

The diagram below shows just how easy it is to assemble the bed and choose the perfect stuffing to keep your dog cosy and comfortable at night.

Dog Duvet How It Works

Benefits of Dog Duvets

  • They wash really well and retain their bright colours.
  • You can use them on the sofa – so that your dog has a cushion of his own on top of your sofa. These can be perfect for leather sofas to protect them from scratches and marks.
  • You are using recycled materials to stuff them – making them environmentally friendly.
  • You can make them as soft or hard as you like
  • When the stuffing gets tired and flat you can re stuff – no need to buy a new bed!
  • If your dog has an accident – no problem, just throw everything in the wash.

Check out the range of Dog Duvets we are currently stocking HERE



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