Dog Collar Review – Blue Hemp Dog Collar

Celebrate the gorgeous colours of autumn and keep your dog warm and comfortable with Planet Dog’s fur-lined warm blue hemp dog collar. If your dog prefers another colour, no worries! This stunning dog collar also comes in pink, purple, green, and orange.

Dogs love getting dirty – whether it’s rolling in the fall leaves, romping in the mud, or pulling you through puddles. But, the last thing you want is to waste money on a dog collar that stains. Fortunately, Planet Dog’s soft blue hemp dog collar is machine washable. Let your dog romp, roll, and get as dirty as he wants. Then just toss this durable dog collar in the wash to get it looking brand new again.

Turn your pooch into a fashion star today by ordering one of Planet Dog’s stylish Warm Blue Hemp Dog Collars now.

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Hemp Blue Dog Collar



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