Choosing The Right Dog Collar

A strong and durable dog collar is important for every dog – for use when handling your dog and also for identification purposes. Whilst a dog collar has an important function, there is no reason why it can’t be fashionable and stylish as well.

Dog collars can come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours – so choosing the right dog collar is important. Selecting the wrong collar for your dog could lead to discomfort for your dog. A collar for your puppy will be completely different to the collar they will have when they are older.
Pink Dog Collar
Dog collars come with different fastenings. The buckle collar is often found with leather collars, where as nylon collars and fabric collars are more likely to use the snap fastening which is easily adjustable.

It’s important that your dog’s collar is the correct size. As a guide the bigger the dog, the more sturdy the dog collar should be. No matter what the size of the dog though, it is important that you can fit two fingers under the dog collar to ensure maximum comfort for your dog. A collar which is too small for your dog can cause a lot of discomfort, so check the fit of your dog’s collar on a regular basis.

The fabric your collar is made from is also important. A strong heavy dog may be more suited to a leather dog collar, as it is more hard wearing. However a nylon dog collar is durable and washable, and so can be perfect for a dog who likes to get muddy or enjoy the water.

Fashion collars can be perfect for occasions when you want your dog to look stylish, but it is important to remember that decorative parts on some cheaper collars could come loose. So it’s important that you make sure the collar is safe for your dog.

Many dog owners would choose to have more than one collar for their dog. One which they use specifically for walking their dog and then others which are for fashion purposes.

Dog collars can be used identification purposes and it is important that you ensure you have a identity tag on your dog with your contact details on. In the unlikely event that your dog does get lost then you want to ensure their safe return.

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