Dog Boarding Kennels Dublin (Service, Price, Comparison)

Dog Boarding Kennels Dublin

When you travel away from home you are often left with the dilemma of what to do with your dog (and possibly other pets) while you are away. For some, family isn’t an option as they either don’t live close by or wouldn’t have the time to take on the additional responsibility.

Therefore, the traditional answer to this problem would be Dog Boarding Kennels as this was always the norm for pet owners. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the option of Dog Boarding Kennels and Dublin and see what the service includes, what the cost is and how it compares to using a Pet Sitter.

What Is The Difference Between Dog Boarding Kennels Dublin And Pet Sitting?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a pet care option for your pets. We have talked extensively about the questions to ask the pet care provider you choose so that you are sure they are the right match for you.

There are however some quite distinct differences between Dog Boarding and Pet Sitting.

A Dog Boarding Kennels seems to come in 2 forms more recently.

  1. A purpose built facility that houses dogs and often cats while owners travel away. They vary is the amount of luxury that they offer, with some being quite basic to other being to more of a hotel standard.
  2. In Home Boarding, where your dog stays in someone’s house while you go away. Similar to a daycare facility they mix with other dogs, but get to experience a home setting.

Both these options involve your pets leaving the home and staying somewhere they are unfamiliar with. A purpose built facility does offer security for you pet as they are not let out of a confined area, whereas in home boarding there is a chance they might get out, obviously depending on the set up of the facility.

With a purpose built facility your dog normally does not mix with other dogs, whereas in home boarding they will be living with other dogs that they don’t know.

Both options should require vaccinations before your dog’s visit and tour of the facility would be a must to ensure everything is safe and secure for your pets.

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What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

If you have been looking around our website there are lots of articles about what we do. In summary, we offer pet care in your pets own home. They get to stay in the comfort of their home, keep their normal pet care routine, eat their normal food and play with their normal toys.

Nothing changes for them while you are away, meaning that they don’t experience any stress or discomfort.

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Pet Sitter Versus Kennel Boarding? (Pros and Cons)

Pros and Cons of Kennels

You are not giving anyone access to your home, however, that does mean that your home is left empty while you are away.

It can be harder to keep your pets normal routine in a Boarding environment as it would be hard to accommodate every pets individual need.

Depending on your arrangement with the Boarding facility your dog might not get a dog walk. We recently talked a lot about the need for dog walks and you can see some of these articles below

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If you are using in home boarding then it’s unlikely they will take your cat as well, so you would need to look for a Cattery or a Cat Sitter.

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Pros and Cons of using a Pet Sitter

Dog Boarding Kennels Dublin

Your pets will be more comfortable in their own bed, getting their own food and playing with their own toys. However, that does mean you need to give us access to your home.

The upside of us having access to your home is that your home is being kept safe while you are away. We can turn lights on and off, close blinds, put bins out and generally make your home look lived in.

As a Pet Sitter, we always have full availability to take care of all types of pets. All your pet family can stay in one place together, as they normally would.

How Much Do Dog Boarding Kennels Cost?

We checked a few different Dog Boarding options and the average seemed to be around 25 euros per dog per day. Some included food, others charged extra on top of that.

It was not clear if dog walks were included in most places and it seemed free play was encouraged in most in-home boarding options.

As mentioned in our article always make a booking before you travel to go and inspect the premises, check the business owner out and the facilities and insurance that they offer.

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