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This week has seen some incredibly high temperatures in Ireland, weather that we are probably not used to seeing very often. Unfortunately, the rain is back today, however, I see more sun coming! With the hot weather comes more stories of dogs being left in hot cars, something I still find hard to believe people are ignorant to the dangers of.

Dog Dies In Hot Car At Bloom In The Park

As temperatures reached over 22 degrees at Bloom In The Park a dog owner left his dog in the car for more than 3 hours. The dog was extremely sick on his return and later had to be put to sleep by the vet.

The story sparked outrage on Social Media as pet lovers all over Ireland were in shock that there are still people that are unaware of the dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car for even a few minutes.

You can read more about the story on our Facebook Page.

Cats Versus Cucumbers

If you love cat videos then you have probably seen the endless videos about cats being afraid of cucumbers. The reaction that cats have in these videos is beyond belief.

If you have tried it with your own cat you may have found varying reactions, with some not even being bothered at all by the cucumber.

Some say that the reaction is due to an unfamiliar object and others say it is due to it looking like an object they are scared of, for example, a snake. Others argue the whole cats v’s cucumber is a bit of a set up.
But whatever you believe you can’t argue that these cats have a strong reaction to the cucumber being there.

In a recent article about World Cucumber Day (yes there is such a day!) they featured lots of tips to help your cat overcome their fear of cucumbers.

An obvious tip though would be to not put cucumbers near your cat!

A Story That Will Melt Your Heart

A 9 year old boy that loves dogs so much that he sneaks into his neighbour’s garage to give their dog a hug each day. The video is adorable, although it doesn’t sound like his mum is giving in and getting him a dog of his own right now.

Possibly The Coolest Dog In The World

A dog that taught himself to skateboard….it’s true. He started off by stealing a small boys skateboard and has made himself an internet sensation, with offers from retail companies all over the world.

Is it time to get the skateboard out and teach my 2 dogs! mmmm not sure 🙂

Pet News On the Pet Sitters Ireland Blog

ScoobyBox: Dog Treat Subscription Service

Treats in the post are pretty awesome, right? I know I love getting something in the post other than bills and bank statements. So treats for your dog is just amazing, as you get to open a cool package AND you get to be the best pet owner and their favourite person of the day!

We looked at ScoobyBox and what their service offered this week. Also, remember you can win a 6-month subscription in our Nose Of Tralee competition.

Scooby Dog Treat Subscription Box

Doggy Day Care Pros and Cons

We know that hiring a Pet Sitter isn’t for everyone, so this week we took a close look at what Doggie Day Care can offer you and your pets in the Dublin area.

It’s actually quite surprising that there are a lot of different variations of Doggy Day Care and not every option involves full day care at a facility. In fact, Pet Sitting is just another form of Doggie Day Care and one that you might find suits you more than you think.

Doggy Day Care Dublin

Ever Thought Of Hiring A House Sitter?

You may not realise that we offer a House Sitting Service and this week we looked at the different house sitting options, the cost, and the pros and cons.

It’s a service that suits some and not others, but for pet owners in Ireland it’s another option when you consider care for your pets.

Hiring A Pet Sitter and Wondering Who To Contact?

This week we had a call from someone ready to book services who had a big concern – Who would they contact if they had a query or concern.

They had been on lots of websites and they wanted to make sure that if they used our services they always had a point of contact that wasn’t necessarily the person that was doing their visits.

In this article, we covered all the contact information you need for Pet Sitters Ireland so that you feel reassured you have peace of mind when you go away.

Podcast Episode 1

Nose Of Tralee Pet Competition

It’s finally here, our first Podcast episode of 2016 where we talked all about the Nose Of Tralee and how you can enter your pets. This is set to be an awesome weekly show where we will be interviewing pet experts from around the world.

Get ready to be entertained weekly, and if you have a pet related business and would like to come on the show then feel free to get in touch via the contact form.

See you next week for more from Pawtime Press Pet News