Dog Beds

Choosing the right dog bed is very important. Providing your dog with a comfortable environment to sleep in can ensure they get a peaceful nights sleep.
When you are choosing a bed for your dog it is important to take into account the size of your dog and also the weight of your dog. Your dog should have room to sleep comfortably and the fabric of the bed should be durable enough to accomodate the weight of your dog.
Dog Beds
There are a great number of reasons why your dog should have their own bed.

  • It gives them a comfortable space to call their own. Dogs like to have an area which belongs to them and a comfortable bed gives them that.
  • It keeps your dog off your own beds, sofas and chairs – meaning dog hair is confined to their own bed and not yours!
  • A comfortable bed can keep your dog warm, rather than lying on a cold hard floor.

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes so it is important to consider which one is most suited to your dog.

  • Does your dog like to sleep curled up or do they like to stretch out when they sleep?
  • Do they like to chew and tear things? In which case a plastic bed might be mores suited to them.
  • Do they spend a lot of time outdoors? In which case a washable bed or cover might be more appropriate.

No two dogs are the same, so remember what might suit one dog would not necessarily suit another dog. So if you have two dogs then you need to consider their needs seperately. They may be happy to share a dog bed, in which case consider the size it would need to be, or they may want their own bed.

A dog will have several beds throughout the course of their life, so each time you purchase a new bed remember to re assess their needs and pick the dog bed to match their current needs.

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