Is It Possible To Have My Dog At My Wedding?


Dog Wedding

Have you ever though “I wonder if I can have my dog at my wedding?” Well wonder no more because we have the perfect solution for you.

Pet Sitters Ireland can arrange to bring your dog to your wedding so they can be part of the service, the photos and the celebrations.

How We Help You Plan Your Wedding Day With Your Dog

When you decide to have your dog at your wedding, we help you plan your special day and put in place the arrangements needed to make sure you four legged friend doesn’t miss out.

Maybe you want them to be part of the ceremony or you want them to be in the photos after the wedding. Maybe you want to dress them up for your special day. Whatever it is we can make that happen for you?

We make sure that every detail is covered, For example

  • Have you checked that your dog is allowed in Church?
  • What are they like around crowds?
  • Do they travel well?
  • Where are they going to go after the wedding? Do you need a Pet Sitter that evening?

Just like you might hire a Wedding Planner for your Venue, Menu, Invites etc. Why not hire someone to plan the role your pets will play in the wedding.

What Happens When Your Dog Comes To Your Wedding?

#1. Collect your dog

We can collect your dog early on the morning of your big day and take them for a walk to make sure they are relaxed and fresh for the big day. Let them use up all their excess energy so they are calm and relaxed ready for the big day.

Dog At Wedding

#2. Take Them To The Groomers

You want your dog smelling and looking fresh on your big day, ready for the photos. So we can take them to your local dog groomers and make sure they are looking tip top.

Perhaps you want them to wear an outfit and we can arrange that as well. How cute would they look in their own special wedding tuxedo or dress?

#3. Get Them to The Ceremony

We can make it really easy for you to have your dog at your wedding by driving them to the ceremony. We normally get there a little bit early so we can walk them around the grounds and get them used to any buildings that they will be going into.

#4. Keep Them Company

We are available throughout the day for your dog, making sure they are in the right place at the right time. We also realise it can be a big day for them and probably want a little down time during the day.

Making sure they are happy and relaxed is our priority throughout the day. We don’t want you to worry at all during the day and want to make it as special for everyone as possible.

#5. Drive Them Home

One the big day is over we can take your dog back home and make sure they are settled in for the night. Many customers opt for our Overnight Pet Sitting Plus Service so they don’t have to rush back after their big day. Others ask us to drop their dog off at a Boarding Kennel.

Whatever your needs we are here to make your special day as enjoyable as possible.

Freephone 1800 30 30 10 or Contact Us to let us help you start planning for your Wedding Day

Dog At Wedding



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