Does Your Dog or Cat Need an Overnight Pet Sitter?

You’ve been waiting to go on holiday or to head out of town for months. As you pack your suitcase, you look over and your dog is wagging his tail, looking at you expectantly. Or, when you turn your back, your cat plops down in the middle of your suitcase to take a nap.

You feel a tiny pang of guilt at the thought of leaving your beloved pets behind.

The good news is your dog or cat will be well cared for if you’ve hired a pet sitter. And, for an extra bit of attention you may want to schedule overnight pet sitting visits that ensure your dog or cat will have company throughout the night.

Overnight pet sits generally span 12 hours and the sitter will bring all of her own supplies, including bedding and food.

Your dog or cat may benefit greatly from an overnight pet sitter if:

She is older.

Older pets often have specialized needs, such as needing to go outside to the toilet more often. When you hire an overnight pet sitter, you can relax, knowing that your dog or cat can go outside when needed. In addition, you don’t have to worry about messy, smelly accidents that can result from a long night of being inside alone.

Does Your Dog or Cat Need an Overnight Pet Sitter?

He is very young.

Puppies and kittens often have an abundance of energy. A super energetic puppy may wreak havoc if left alone all night. An overnight pet sitter will ensure that your little one will get plenty of play and exercise and will offer the love and affection your puppy or kitten craves.

She suffers from severe separation anxiety.

Sometimes pets – especially those who have been through some sort of trauma, who have been adopted from an animal shelter or rescue, or who have been bounced from home to home – suffer from separation anxiety when their families leave. Sometimes that separation anxiety is so severe that the dog or cat needs medication. When you have to leave home and cannot leave your pet, you may find an overnight pet sitter helps calm both your and your pet’s anxiety.

He has a health condition.

Pets with chronic health conditions or who are ill may need extra attention, including getting medication at specific times at night. An overnight pet sitter can ensure your pet is well cared for and comfortable and, if an emergency arises, can immediately call the veterinarian.

Of course, those are only a few reasons your dog or cat may love having an overnight pet sitter join her at night if her family is away. Ultimately, an overnight pet sitter can offer your pet the companionship she is used to while you aren’t home.



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