Do you offer a House Sitting Service in Ireland?

The Primary Services of Pet Sitters Ireland are Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.

Pet Sitting allows your pet to stay at home in their own familiar surroundings while a Pet Sitter calls in and out, at pre arranged times, to feed and walk your pet.

House Sitting is where someone would stay in the house with your pet while you travel away from home – so in effect they would live with your pet.

Choosing to use the services of a House Sitter to look after your pets and your home is a personal choice. The obvious benefits are that someone is there with your pet all the time. There are however obvious downsides, for example you have to provide a sleeping/living space for your house sitter.

What Pet Sitting means is that your pets can stay at home in familiar surroundings without having to transport them to kennels and you still get the added benefit of someone checking on your house on a daily basis to ensure your pets are safe and your home is secure.

If you are interested in very short term House Sitting Services for a very special occasions, such as a wedding, then we can often accommodate these requests during the day.

For example you might want a Pet Sitter to be at your house before you leave for the wedding and then stay at the house for the day while you get married. A morning visit can also be arranged the next day to allow you a leisurely return home the following day.

Or you may decide that you could have 3-4 visits throughout the day and utilise our Pet Sitting service, rather than actually needing someone to sit with your pet for the entire time you are out.

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