Do Pet Sitters Ireland Pick Up Dog Poo?

When we got our first dog from the pound the last thing on my mind was picking up her poo! She was just a lovely bundle of fur – she was shy and in need of a home.

But as a responsible pet owner having a dog is not just about the cuddles and kisses – there are some not so fun sides of being a dog owner.

When they get sick, when they make a mess, when they are ill and you are scared and frightened and yes when they poo!

All of our Dog Walker ALWAYS pick up our customers dog’s poo! As well as that of their own pets.

So answer these questions?

  • If your dog did a poo on your door step would you pick it up?
  • If your dog did a poo on the kitchen floor would you pick it up?
  • If your dog did a poo near your kids play area would you pick it up?

So then why is it ok for people to leave it on the street?

When you hire a professional Dog Walker do you ask them whether they have poo bags or do you provide them yourself?

What is your dog walkers policy on clearing up after your dog?

Let us know your thoughts on why people don’t pick up after their dog?

  • Do they just not care?
  • Can they not be bothered?
  • Do they think the rules don’t apply to them?
  • Do they leave it because other dog owners do?
  • Is it a case of one more pile of poo on the streets wont make a real difference?

We would love to hear your thoughts!



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