Do Dogs Dream?

It’s funny because Coco seems to spend a lot of time sleeping and invariably dreaming. It’s quite cute to watch her and I always assume that she must be happy – maybe running through a field or chasing something.

Typical Signs that your dog is dreaming

  • Facial Twitching
  • Barking
  • Leg Movements
  • Crying or whimpering noises
  • Tail Wagging
  • Rapid Eye Movements

Here are a few interesting facts about dogs dreaming.

  • Research suggests that small dogs dream more than larger dogs. So a tiny dog like a Chihuahua will spend a lot more time dreaming than a German Shepherd.
  • Puppies dream more than adult dogs – perhaps though because they probably sleep more when they are a pup.
  • It is thought that in the same way humans dream about things that are happening in their daily life, dogs may dream about events that day. For example a walk they enjoyed.
  • It’s best not to wake a dreaming dog. Like adults they need to have uninterrupted sleep.

It’s unlikely that we will ever know what a dog is really dreaming about unless you have a talking dog! (Which if you do we would love to interview for our next blog post!!)

What does your dog do when they are dreaming? Do you wake them up or do you let sleeping dogs lie!



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