Do Cats Like To Be Hugged?

Do Cats Like To Be Hugged

Cats have a reputation of being solitary animals that want time alone to contemplate their thoughts. But not all cats are like this and some love to spend time with their owners and follow them around much like a dog does. But do cats like to be hugged? That’s what we are investigating today in this article.

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Do Cats Like To Be Hugged?

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Wants To Be Hugged?

Cats are normally quite quick to tell you if they don’t want your attention. Sometimes just a look from them is enough to tell you that it’s time to back off.

If they start flicking their tail, flattening their ears, making noises or struggling to get away then you can safely assume that they are looking for some alone time.

What Breeds Of Cats Like Hugs?

According to Pet MD “Burmese, Ragdoll and LaPerm cats are known for being “people” cats. It’s fair to say though that all cats are different and your cat may love hugs just as much as any of those breeds.

Start off slowly with small amounts of contact and see how much your cat enjoys it. And remember, if they are not in the mood for affection one day that doesn’t mean they won’t want a cuddle the next day.

Should You Hug Your Cat?

If your cat enjoys being hugged then absolutely you should. With any animal, you should take your time to introduce them to the idea. No animal wants to be picked up and squeezed. Instead get them used to the idea of being stroked. Play with them and get them used to human interaction first.

Once you cat is happy with this level of contact you could introduce them to your knee and pet them there. If they are happy for you to lift them and give them a hug then you can do that next.

The important thing with cats is that you don’t stress them. If they show discomfort, or they have just had enough of cuddle time, then let them go back to their own spot.

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Should Children Hug Cats?

Children can so excited at the thought of a kitten or cat that they can play with. It’s natural that they would want to pick them up and cuddle them.

As with adult interaction, it’s important children understand to take things slowly with cats. Your cat might be the most loving cat and like to play, but not all cats are the same.

Make sure they understand to approach the cat in a calm manner, stroke them gently and owning hug the cat if they cat is interested.

Does Your Cat Like To Be Hugged? Let Us Know In The Comments Below.

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