Do Cats Enjoy Playing with Cat Toys?

If your cat could talk, what do you think she would tell you is her favorite part of the day? Nap time? Dinnertime? Bedtime? Play time?

Every cat has a unique personality – just like their human counterparts – but one thing all cats have in common is they must have plenty of exercise. They must be mentally and physically stimulated or else you’re going to have one unhappy cat in your home. And, an unhappy cat may begin destroying furniture with their scratching or start knocking treasured items off tall shelves.

Fortunately, cat toys provide the ideal opportunity to challenge your cat and to exhaust her excess energy.

Here are three reasons your cats need cat toys:


Cats need to be challenged – both physically and mentally – just like we do. Cat toys provide some of the mental and physical challenges necessary to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Opportunity for bonding

Cats have earned the reputation, and perhaps unfairly so, of wanting attention only when they want it. Setting aside a time to play with your cat with toys each day will give you the opportunity to develop an even closer bond with your cat.

Tire them out

Because cats are nocturnal, they’re prone to wanting to play and to interact while you want to sleep. Play with your cat before you go to bed so she releases her excess energy and can remain calm throughout the night.

Fun and Energy Busting Cat Toys

Catnip Door Bouncer

Does your cat like to leap onto high surfaces? Help her get her dose of jumping while tiring her out with a catnip door bouncer. Either attach the catnip door bouncer to a secure door knob or hold it high above your cat’s head and watch her jump and bounce as she fights to grab the bouncer.

Catnip Door Bouncer

Kong Apple Cat Toy

Kongs aren’t just for dogs anymore. Give your cat the ultimate toy – filled with catnip – and watch her go crazy as she scratches and grabs for the catnip in this sturdy kong apple cat toy.

Cat Scratching Pad

Cats need to scratch. But, they don’t need to scratch your furniture when they have a colourful cat scratching pad. Made of four pieces, the scratching pad can be taken apart and formed into new shapes with the easy to take on and off Velcro.

What is your cat’s favorite toy?



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