Dating With Pets & Proposals: A Must Read Guide For Singles

Dating With Pets

As Valentines day 2018 is fast approaching, it can be both a dreaded time of year for singletons and a time for couples to embrace and appreciate each other.

So, to help you navigate this day of love we’ve put together a guide on the role your pet can have this Valentine’s day or any day, from dating apps to marriage proposals.

We even talk about whether your pets are a dating detriment? You might just be surprised!

1. The Evolution Of Dating Apps: Your Pet Could Be a Secret Wingman.

In this technology obsessed world we’re living in, there is no longer a need to get all dressed up and venture out to your local bar or social venue to find love. With the introduction of dating apps such as Tinder, you can now find potential love interests from the comfort of your own couch.

However, in recent times there has been a twist on the regular dating app we didn’t even know we needed- dating apps specifically for single pet lovers! What better way to find something to bond over than the love for your feline or canine friends.

What Are The Best Pet Dating Apps?

Just a quick Google search and you’ll find plenty of dating apps for single pet lovers such as and An added perk is that both of these apps are free to sign up to. As says on their website “Whether you are looking for a life partner, a buddy for your pet or just someone to hang out with, here you’ll be able to find exactly who you are looking for- pet lovers like yourself”.

You never know, you could end up being just purrrfect for each other!

2. Mans Best Friend- Dating Detriment or Cupid?

As mentioned previously, the love of pets can be used to bring people together. However, there are people who have the opposite problem when looking for love- non-animal lovers. Yes, believe it or not, they do exist.

So, Are Pets a Dating Detriment?

A survey conducted by Craigslist UK found that dogs in particular were the pet most likely to affect your dating prospects. The survey results showed that

“23% of participants would be less likely to date someone with a dog, and 21% of participants less likely to date a cat owner.”

Don’t panic yet though as contradicting surveys suggest that your pet could actually help you to find love. How you ask? By making you appear more attractive! Elite Singles surveyed 1000 UK singles and discovered that

“57% of people think owning a pet can make someone more attractive.”

Upon further data analysis, it was revealed that a dog in particular can make you appear more attractive!

3.  Thinking Of Proposing To Your Significant Other? Here Are Three Different Ways Your Pet Can Help

1. Involve Your Pets

A marriage proposal can be one of the most important questions you’ll ask in your lifetime (and this year is a leap year ladies!). So, a little help might be needed, maybe you both have a long term pet or are thinking of bringing a new pet into your family. Both can help make this special occasion even more unique.

2. Ask Your Significant Other’s Pet For Permission!

Gone are the days of asking the father of the bride for permission. tells a story of a man who sought the permission of his partners beloved dog, and of course the answer was yes.

3. Write It Down

Are you two thinking of getting a new puppy or kitten together? Why not write or engrave those four little words “Will you marry me?” on your new family members collar?

Are You Planning On Proposing?

If you are thinking of popping the big question this Valentines day, help might be closer than you think, and will definitely earn major brownie points. Plus, how cute would the Instagram pictures be!

Let us know how it goes and don’t forget Pet Sitters Ireland Wedding Service can bring your pets to your special day when the time is right!