How Dogs Reduce Anxiety, Which Wine Do Pet Owners Prefer? & Crazy Cat Ladies. Love Your Pets Radio Ep 60

Crazy Cat Ladies

Love Your Pets Radio News

In this section of the show we talk about the pet news.


  • How dogs can pass an illness to humans
  • Which wine you drink based on the pet you own
  • A dog that saved a family from a fire
  • How growing up with a dog reduces anxiety
  • Science backed tips for getting your cat to love you
  • What’s the story with cats and cucumbers

Love Your Pets Radio Pet Care Tips

In this section of the show we talk about what really makes you a cat lady.

We chat about:

  • Whether you can have too many pictures of your cat
  • How many cat mugs, cushions and other things you should have
  • Your cat jumper collection
  • Whether you are known as the ‘cat lady’ by your friends
  • and much more…in our quest to determine if you are cat a lady or not.


Love Your Pets Radio Announcement


18th July – Nose of Tralee closes for voting and judging begins



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