How Much Does A Pet Sitter Cost? (Prices/Rates)

How Much Does A Pet Sitter Cost

When you decide to hire the services of a Professional Pet Sitter or Dog Walker you want to know what the cost of pet sitting and dog walking is. We get that and we are very open about our pricing structure.

It’s all there for you to see – you can even create a profile on our online booking system and work out the entire cost of your pet sitting / dog walking  services yourself.

But is price what you really need to focus on when choosing a Pet Sitter?

We get that budget is very important – but what else matters when choosing the services of a Pet Sitter.

What matters when choosing Pet Sitting Services?

The age of the business.

Here is why that matters – simply put the longer a company is in business the better their processes and procedures are. They have had time to refine the way things are done to ensure the best pet care possible. It also means they are planning to stick around and you won’t be left looking for another pet sitter in a few weeks!

The support system they have.

You might think that office staff is of no interest to you – after all you are only interested in the person coming to take care of your pets. But if you are on holiday and can’t get hold of your pet sitter then you will WANT to know there are office staff that can take care of things.

What is their back up plan?

This matters A LOT. You are sitting on a beach and you can’t get hold of your pet sitter. Then you get a text saying they can no longer visit your pets because they are sick. What do you do then? Who will feed your pets that night? You need to know there are backups in place – and not a friend of a friend who will take over if they are needed – you want to know who that backup is.

The follow up process they have.

We all get dissatisfied from time to time. Things might not be done exactly the way you want. So you need to know that someone will follow up with you and make sure you were happy with the service. You also want someone to ring and complain to if you are not happy. Someone that will take your concerns seriously and act on them.

What technology they use.

Again you may wonder why you would care about this – but when your dog gets fed the wrong amount of food you will wish that your pet sitter had an online system where all that data is stored. An online system provides consistency. A structured place where your pet care instructions can be recorded.

If your pet sitter is guessing then they are not doing their job. Everything needs to be recorded according to your instructions – and who better to provide those instructions via an online system than YOU!

So you see while we know price is important – we also know that all these other things will be important to you to.

What Are Our Pet Sitting Rates?

Pet Sitting starts at around 23 euro per visit, with shorter visits available for cat only customers.

Our Cat Nip Visits (2 x 20 mins visits per day for your cat) are around 25 euro per day.

Note – Prices based on 1-3 pets from the same household and include VAT.

Find Out More About Our Pet Sitting Rates In Our Video?

We would love to speak with you and see if we can help you with your pet care. You can contact us via our online contact form or call 1800 30 30 10.




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