3 Things To Consider When Getting A Cat

People tend to think that a cat will be less work than getting a dog, and while there is an element of truth to that because you don’t have to walk a cat – you should still take time consider whether it is the right pet for you.

Things to consider when getting a cat

1. Time – While you don’t need to walk your cat each day you do need to have the time to spend with them. People think cats don’t want a lot of attention – but from experience with our own cats we have found that they love to have their belly rubbed every day. A kitten is also going to need a lot of engagement – so playing games with them is really important. It can be very relaxing spending quality time at the end of the day with your cat.

2. Cost – There are a lot of costs associated with getting any pet – from food, bed, toys, vets fees and Cat Sitting Fees. You want to make sure that your household budget can accomodate another mouth to feed and home! It’s not just a case of feeding your cat – you have to think about if they get sick. We found our cat dumped at the end of our drive out in the country – we had him 2 weeks and he fell and broke his leg and fractured his pelvis which resulted in a 400 euro bill. So insurance is another cost you need to consider.

3. Space – Although cats are a lot smaller – they still need their own space. They will need their own bed, toys, scratch post, litter tray and feeding area. So take a look around your house and see where you are going to make space for your cat. If you have children then will there be enough room with all their toys as well! You don’t want to be tripping over your cat every day!!

A Pet is a great addition to any household – tell us about your pets!



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