Cork Dog Walking Services: A Guide To Hiring A Cork Dog Walker.

Dog Walker Cork

You are probably reading this because you live in Cork and are looking for someone to help walk your dog. Whether you live in Cork City or Cork County we can certainly help with your dog walking needs. Our Cork Dog Walkers are dog lovers, have flexibility to be there during the day when you can’t and will send you some lovely pictures of your dog out on their walk.

But first let me explain what you can expect.

Pet Sitters Ireland provide Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services across all of the Republic of Ireland for all types of animals. Call us 1800 303010 or 087 9898042 or Contact Us for more information.

A Guide To Hiring A Cork Dog Walker: What You Need To Know

What Does A Cork Dog Walker Do?

There are quite a few options when it comes to dog walking services and it really depends on your own preferences and your dogs which you decide to opt for.

At Pet Sitters Ireland all of our dog walks are solo walks. So we don’t group lots of dogs together and take them for a walk, we do solo walks where your dog gets one on one attention. Unless of course you have more than one dog – then we are happy to walk them together at no extra charge up to 3 dogs.

Your dog walker will take your dog on its normal walk, pick up their poo, have fun with them and of course send you a message to let you know they are ok with some great pictures of them out on their walk.

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Why Use A Cork Dog Walker?

Our customers use a Dog Walker for all sorts of reasons.

  1. They are busy at work all day and need someone to come and let them out for walk and toilet break.
  2. Maybe they are away with work, their family have agreed to feed their dog, but they need help with walks.
  3. Perhaps they have recently injured themselves and need help with walks.
  4. Or perhaps they just want their dog to have more walks than they are currently getting.

Whatever the reason it doesn’t matter – we can be there for 20-60 minute walks (or more if you need it)

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Book A Dog Walker

How Does A Cork Dog Walker Keep Your Dog Safe?

Your dog will be kept on the lead at all times for their own safety. Even if you dog has the best recall we can’t guarantee they will come back for us, so it’s always best to keep them on a lead.

We only walk in areas that you normally take your dog and we would never let them off lead in a Dog Park.

We also don’t do group walks where your dog is mixing with lots of other dogs that they don’t know.

If we can keep your dog in their normal routine as much as possible it means that they will enjoy their walks and you will know that they are safe and happy.

Who Is The Best Dog Walker In Cork?

There are lots of options for care for your dog, however it is always important to do your research and make sure you get the best match for you.

There are definitely things that you can ask a Dog Walker when you are deciding if they are the best option for your dog(s) and here are some questions you might want to ask/consider

  1. What will happen if they are sick or unable to walk your dog? Who will take over so your dog gets their walk?
  2. What is their experience walking dogs? Are they able to handle different sizes/breeds of dog (depending on your needs)
  3. Have they been in business long? You don’t want be constantly looking for new dog walkers.
  4. Do they have insurance for their business? This is important if you are letting them into your home.
  5. How do they store your personal details such as alarm codes, visit details etc. Also how do they keep your keys safe?
  6. How do you book and pay? Do you get a receipt? Can you pay by credit card/book online?
  7. What if you are not happy? Who do you complain to?
  8. If you want to cancel your dog walker who do you tell?

What Others Say About Pet Sitters Ireland

Igor has been walking Buddy and Pearl for the past few months. He has been an absolute god send. So reliable and punctual. They are so excited and happy to see him when he arrives, which gives great comfort knowing that they feel that way towards him. I know there is nothing to worry about. Igor is so polite and has even helped out at short notice. Pet Sitters Ireland really are top dog !” – Jeanie

“Thank you for a great service. Olivia looks so happy in the pics I get sent everyday and I can relax in work knowing she’s being walked every day. Mike is great with her.” – Michelle

How Much Does A Cork Dog Walker Cost?

Cost vary depending on length and frequency of walks. You can find more about costs at the link below or contact us for a chat at 087 7453847 or 1800 30 30 10. Or fill out a Contact Form

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How Can Pet Sitters Ireland Help With Your Dog Walking Needs?

  1. Get in touch (or call 1800 303010 / 087 9898042) and tell us about your dog. We want to know where they like to go for a walk, if there are any other dogs to avoid on the street, if they have a favourite coat and whether they like to walk fast or just enjoy a stroll.
  2. Let us give you a personalised quote for the dog walking option that best suits you and your dog. Not all dogs are the same and so we want to make sure that we create a schedule of visits that suit your dogs needs.
  3. Meet with your Pet Care Assistant to make sure it’s a good match. This is your chance to get to know us and make sure you are happy. We don’t want you worrying about your dog at all.
  4. And finally…Relax knowing we have everything taken care of. And if you need us any time we are only a phone call away.