Coping With the Loss Of Your Dog: In Memory Of Lucky

Many of you that know us, will remember Lucky. It is 2 years tomorrow since she passed away. She was quite ill and had a series of operations – and she ended up having a very bad stroke and there was nothing that they could do for her.

When I found her it looked like had been stray for a long time and seems she was hiding in our shed. At the time we had chickens and I remember leaving scraps at the front door ready to take down to them and each time they would vanish while I was in the house.

Photos Of Lucky!

I knew it wasn’t Patch – as she is far too fussy and spoilt for that! But I was blaming the farmers dogs! Little did we know Lucky had been there that long and obviously just used to wait for me to come out and nip over from the barn and steal the scraps.

Obviously once I knew she was there we got her to the vets, had her treated for 6 weeks with all sorts of pills and injections..and then I started on my search to re-home her! Well that’s what I told Mike.

Actually what happened was that I asked the postman – he said he had a friend that would take her – and I decided he wasn’t right for her!!

Every time he asked about her new home I told him I was actively searching for a home – but there was no-one suitable at that time.

I don’t think I ever had any intention of finding her a home – she was just too cute. And I think he just used to ask to see what my new story was of my endless searching!!

Lucky Resting In Her Chair

So we agreed that she would sleep outside and Mike set about building her a kennel – which she actually slept in once! And was only when we were sitting out in the sun and I think she wanted some shade.

She was always going to sleep inside – she knew that. She would wait for Mike to go out and then cry at the door and I would let her into the office. She loved coming to work with me!!
I invested more time in Lucky than any other dog. I don’t mean the money part of it – as that can always be replaced. But I spent a lot of time taking care of her as she was so sick and even now I would miss her – she was just such a special dog.
Mike even spent a night on the office floor with her when she was really bad and crying in the night for some company after her operation.

It was the first pet that I had ever lost and I never realised how upset I actually would be. And I mean not just crying over her  – but sobbing!

I think for anyone who has lost a dog they will understand how hard it is, how you vow to never get another dog, never go through it all again – but you do.

I even have her ashes in a little box. At the time a lot of people thought I was nuts – but I see loads of those boxes at our customers houses – so must be a sign of a true animal lover.

When we lost Lucky we were both really upset and Mike put a lovely video together for me to remember her by. I still can’t watch it without crying – but it seems to capture every memory that I have of her.I’m sure Lucky will be running around in Doggy Heaven now having a great time!



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