Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

It’s a never-ending job. Or at least it may seem that way sometimes. Cleaning up after pets is a lot like cleaning up after kids. As soon as you’ve got a space looking spotless, along comes your furry, fuzzy, feathered, or scaled friend to mess it up.

You can’t break that cycle, but you can make cleaning go much smoother.

Here are some of our cleaning tips for Pet Owners:

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Discover the power of vinegar.

Vinegar is a safe and an effective way to remove pet odour and stains. If your cat uses a litter box and it begins to stink, clean it thoroughly then wash with vinegar. Vinegar can also help remove carpet stains. Put a generous amount of vinegar on the stain and let sit before rubbing then patting it dry.

Only use pet friendly cleaners.

Just because a label says a cleaner is “all-natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it is pet friendly. Read the label, and the ingredients, carefully to ensure you purchase cleaning products that are safe for your pets. Many pet friendly products will say “safe for pets” or something similar right on the package.

Use placemats for food dishes and water bowls.

Sometimes dog have a tendency to toss their food while they are eating or to inadvertently spill their water. To prevent spills onto the carpet or hardwood, place food dishes and water bowls on a plastic placemat, which is easy and quick to clean.

Thoroughly wash all bowls.

Wash all bowls your pets use in hot water and gentle dishwashing liquid. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to get rid of any soapy residue. Get into the habit of regularly washing your pets’ bowls to help prevent unhealthy bacteria from growing on them.

Buy a vacuum with a HEPA-filter.

Some pets shed or molt more than others. Shedding means fur or hair everywhere your pet goes – on the floor, on the furniture, and in the car.  A HEPA-filter will help remove the allergens, including pet dander, from your home. Vacuum at least several times a week, if not every day, especially during heavy shedding season.

Wash your bedding frequently.

If your pets are allowed on the bed, be sure to wash the bedding – in hot water and on the heaviest wash cycle available – several times a month to remove dander and to keep your bedroom smelling fresh and clean.

Don’t forget to also wash your dog’s bed on a regular basis to keep it clean and fresh.

Note – When using any products for the first time always do a small spot test first to make sure the cleaning material is safe to use on the fabrics you are applying it to.



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