Christmas Staycation 2020: It’s time to plan for You and Your Pets!

Christmas Staycation

As I sit here listening to Christmas FM my thoughts turn to how we are going to celebrate my favourite time of year in 2020 and whether a Christmas Staycation is going to be the answer.

Things will certainly be different but what is definite, is that we all deserve to get an extra big helping of pampering this year – Pets and humans.

Now more than ever, we need something to look forward to.

With what feels like never-ending restrictions we need to create our own light at the end of the tunnel.

December and Christmas are looking promising, so while we all support each other and keep safe, let’s see what is on offer in Ireland to reward ourselves with, when we can Staycation again.

Pet Friendly places may be what would suit you best, or perhaps your furry friend prefers the
surroundings of home.

Think about what the best reward will be, for you both, for all your hard work and efforts in 2020.

Pampering you and your SANTA PAWS pal is what December and Christmas will be all about!

Christmas Pet Sitter

Christmas Staycation 2020: Things To Do In Ireland

Escape From Your Own Four Walls

All of this “working from home” is starting to make us all a bit stir crazy!

You wake up at home, have breakfast at home, work at home, entertain your family at home, eat dinner at home, go to bed at home.

Wake up the next day… It’s GROUNDHOG DAY… Just Repeat the same sequence of events AT

We need to escape to somewhere else, anywhere else, where we will be waited on and pampered and entertained in new surroundings … How exciting! I can’t wait!

Yes, Staying at home to entertain, is looking like quite the challenge this Christmas and any of you that have seen “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” will agree that leaving your home behind and getting pampered in a hotel is a far more attractive option.

That Christmas chase scene through their home, involving a Rottweiler, a squirrel, all of the human family and the neighbours…is frozen in my memory forever … YIKES!!!

So, for a more relaxing lead up to Christmas and the New Year, have a browse through a list of our favourites below and book a PAWfect time for you and your pets this year!

Staycation Christmas Ireland

Pet Friendly Hotels

These Staycation options are delighted to welcome your Pets too!

Bellinter House, Meath

Stunning surroundings and rooms, Spa packages and Yes, Your Pets can go too!

“The Stables” accommodation in the Courtyard all have wooden beams, big skylights and “stable style doors” as your front door, in keeping with their previous function at Bellinter and you and your pets will enjoy exploring this beautiful countryside together.

For more info visit >>

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Center Parcs, Longford.

Soak up the festive atmosphere across the village … Wake up Christmas morning nestled in the forest in your Dog friendly lodge.

There are designated dog exercise areas where your furry friend can roam free. Water bowls are provided around the village near shops and restaurants so that your dog can rehydrate and quench their thirst after a day of adventuring in the woods.

For more info visit >>

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Child Friendly Accommodation

A magical time of year for all and especially for children… This Staycation option offers a
Santa themed experience!

Amber Springs Hotel, Wexford “Santa Family Experience Package”.

With a little Ho Ho Ho and more than a sprinkling of Christmas magic, the experience is as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids!

For more info visit >>

Christmas Ireland

Options Just For You!

If pure indulgence, with no responsibilities, after a difficult year is what you need, these Staycation options are for you!

Powerscourt Springs, Wicklow.

Recently reopened Powerscourt Springs is the epitome of the saying “Relaxation is an Art”

Enjoy views of the Sugar Loaf from the Breakfast room, laze around in your complimentary
dressing gown while you wait for your Spa Treatment, pop down the road to Powerscourt Waterfall for a back to nature treat, before returning for a sumptuous dinner.

Sheer indulgence at its best!

For more info visit >>

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Lough Rynn Castle Estate & Gardens, Leitrim.

Want to feel like Royalty this Christmas?

Relax in elegant drawing rooms while soaking in the lavish décor, magnificent Christmas trees, and garlands. Crackling open fires and the aroma of spiced, mulled wine set the scene.

I LOVE this place at any time of year, but it is truly magical at Christmas!

For more info visit >>

For more festive options for You and Your Pet, check out FAILTE IRELAND >>

And if like me, you know your pets will be happiest at home in their own beds, following their usual routine, then you can go guilt free and with complete peace of mind, knowing that we are pampering your pet and treating them to a “Santa Paws” experience, while you are away!

Have a Magical PAWsome Christmas 2020 whatever you decide

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help when you travel away over Christmas

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