Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers


As Christmas fast approaches we all worry about choosing the perfect gift for our loved ones. You may have already decided what to buy your dog, from one of our many Dog Product Reviews, but what about those Dog Lovers in your life – what are you going to get them?

We decided to look at some of the gift options out there for Dog Lovers. You never know you might decide to treat yourself to one of these cool gifts!

1. Enjoy a Cuppa!I love my dog mug

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cuppa and what better way to enjoy it than in an ‘I LOVE MY DOG’ mug. You can probably get these printed locally – but we loved this one we saw on Amazon.

It’s fun, bright and most importantly it can be delivered to Ireland. Amazon is a great place to shop if you want to order lots of different items at once. Books, toys, electrical items – they got it all!


2. Red Rufus Sock Dog

Red RufusWe just love these Red Rufus Sock Dogs, they are so much fun. It amazes me how someone can be so creative with socks! They are vibrant and playful and they would make the perfect gift for a real dog lover.

You can read all about Rufus on the Red Rufus website – he’s adorable – and the owner behind these creations is clearly very creative. It’s also great that these are an Irish product and you can purchase them in stores around Ireland.

They are all so much fun – but I really liked Lulu featured here. They even have wedding Bride and Groom Sock Dogs!


3. San Francisco Umbrella CompanyUmbrella

These umbrellas are fantastic. Not only are they totally practical for the Irish weather, but you can actually get one for the breed of dog you own. It doesn’t appear that you can buy them directly from the company and get them shipped to Ireland, but you can order them on Amazon.

They are described as strong, durable and wind resistant – and they have a 48 inch arc, so are a nice size.

Check out all the different colours  – they are fab!


4. Origami Dog Notepaper Set

With everyone being online we probably don’t send enough handwritten notes. We always seem to be sending an email, a tweet, making a comment on facebook.

I’m sure any Dog Lover would adore these Origami Dog Notepaper Sets and anyone receiving them would be pretty pleased too!

Whether you want to say thank you, sorry or I love you – these are the perfect Notepaper sets for all occasions!


5. Charm BraceletCharm Bracelet

This is adorable – a charm bracelet where you can actually add a picture of your ownCharm Bracelet dog. It’s not an expensive gift and you upload the image online and they customise if for you.

Dimensions: .875″l x .875″w x.132″h, 8″ chain (adjustable between 7″-8″).
Choose from square or circle charm style.
Sterling Silver Plate.
Made in the USA.
UV Resistant and waterproof.
Add photos, artwork and text.

The same store also has some pretty cool wrapping paper that you can upload pictures of your dog onto!

We would love to hear if you have found any other cool Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers.

Let us know or contact us directly if you have an item you would like us to add to the list!



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