A Guide To The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Cats In 2016

Christmas Gifts For Cats

As we search for the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family there is still plenty of time to pick up that perfect gift for your cat. In our Christmas Gifts For Cats we’ve found some gifts that are sure to make your cat purr with excitement at the thought of them.

There are gifts for all different budgets so hopefully you will find something that will suit your cat this Christmas.

Cat Scratching Tree

This isn’t cheap at 359.99 euro, but it’s something that will give your cat hours of fun and save your furniture from being used as a scratching post. Cats love to be able to take a nap in these and there are plenty of sleeping areas on this one.

Zooplus.ie have a few different designs in this exclusive range, so if this one is a little expensive you can try one of their smaller scratching trees.


Cat scratching post


Cat Collar

Your cat will thank you for getting them a gorgeous new collar and we have lots of cat collars in our pre Christmas sale for only 7 euro, plus shipping.

All have safety catches so that your cat will never get caught on anything. We also have glow in the dark stitching on some of them so that your cat is easy to see when out and about.

Cat Collars


Kong Cat Toys

Cats love to play and these cat toys from Kong will give your cat hours of fun as they pounce of them and roll around playing with them. Kong are known for their indestructible dog toys, so you won’t be disappointed with the quality of these cat toys either.

If you want something a bit smaller there are plenty of other small cat toys available all for 7 euro.



Cat Bowl

These gorgeous ceramic bowls from Debenhams are only 14 euro. The colours and design are gorgeous. I know your cat won’t really know that they have a fancy bowl but will look great in your kitchen!

Why not get them some special treats to eat out of it on Christmas morning.

Cat Bowl

I am a huge Hello Kitty fan so I couldn’t not include this in my article! The colours are fabulous and it would be perfect for a small cat or kitten.  I think 28 euro is  a little bit expensive for the size of it but it’s Hello Kitty so I forgive Debenhams for that!

hello kitty scratching post


Hello Kitty Bowl Set

If you are getting the scratching post then you might as well go all out and grab the matching bowl set. Available in Debenhams for 20 euro these are gorgeous!

If you don’t like the idea of Hello Kitty they might not be for you, but if you have kids (or are a kid at heart!) then these are perfect.


Cats love to play with these interactive cat toys and it will give you and them time to play on Christmas morning. Available in Debenhams for only 7 euro this is a real bargain and something that your cat could play with all year round.

I’d definitely grab one of these as a stocking filler for your cat.



What Are You Getting Your Cat For Christmas This Year? We’d Love To Hear In The Comments Below