Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

As Christmas gets closer you might be wondering what gifts to buy your friends and family. Last week we looked at Christmas Gifts For Dog Owners and made some suggestions on great gifts for your loved ones. So this week, as well as reviewing more Gifts For Cats, we decided to check out some of the fabulous and fun gifts that are out there for our cat loving friends.

1. Wooden Cat Lovers Sign


Wooden Cat GiftThere is no doubt that Amazon is a great place to source gifts. Once you check the particular item is available for shipping to Ireland it can be a really handy way to do your shopping.

This wooden hanging sign really sums up our cat loving friends. I’m sure most of our cat lovers would agree that “A House Is Not A Home Until It Has A Cat”

It’s fun, it’s funky and it’s afordable. I think it would go nicely in any cat lovers home.



2. Cat Key Ring


Cat key RingEveryone needs a keyring, as we all have keys. This is just the cutest little cat key ring. It’s happy looking tabby with a lovely smiley expression on his face.

It’s size L47 x H38 and comes in a gift box. There is also a matching pin that you can order.

The site actually has lots of other cat related gifts – bags, cards, aprons – the list is endless and you can check the full selection here.



3. Cat Cushion


Cat CushionWe love this cat cushion– it’s fun, stylish and different.

What’s really great about this is that you can customise the colour and size – so you could have a different shape cushion with a red background.

It’s a lovely gift and at a very reasonable price as well.




4. Cat Clock


Cat Clock

We have another gift from Zazzle that you can customise. It’s a cat themed clock – and again you can change the shape to suit the style of your home.

So you can order it in Round – Medium or Large, and Square like the one we have in the picture.

They actually have a great collection of other cat clocks – cats in Paris, cats around the world and even a cat pictured surfing on a slice of bacon!!


5. Crochet Your Own Cat Scarf


Cat ScarfWe LOVE this Crochet Cat Scarf…it’s just so cool. If only I could crochet!

It would be an amazing gift to make for a cat lover – I am sure they would just love it.

You could choose their favourite colours as well.

Or maybe you know someone who is a cat lover and can crochet – what better gift. They might even make you one too!



We would love to hear if you have found any other cool Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers.

Maybe you are a Dog Lover – if so check out our Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

Let us know or contact us directly if you have an item you would like us to add to the list!



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