Choosing The Right Dog Lead

A dog lead is used when walking your dog in a public area. Selecting the correct dog lead to walk your dog is important for both control and your own comfort. Dog leads come in different sizes and materials – so take time to consider your options and what is best for you and your dog.

A leather dog lead can be great for a very strong dog, and while they can be hard as first they soften with age and can last the lifetime of your dog if they are well made. They are however not as suited to getting wet as other materials.
Dog Leads

Nylon dog leads are probably the most popular dog leads, as they work out a lot cheaper then leather dog leads, but are still very srong and durable. They also come in a range of colours and designs and can be easily matched to your dog’s collar.

A retractable dog lead can be great for use in parks and open spaces when you don’t want to let your dog off the lead, but you want them to have the freedom to roam further than a standard lead would allow. It’s important to make sure that the lead is the right one for the weight of your dog.

When choosing a dog lead for your dog you should consider where and when you will be using it. You may decide that a standard nylon lead is strong enough for your dog on their regular daily walks and a retractable lead is more suited to your weekend walks in the park.

The length of the lead is also important, too long and you may not have full control over the dog and too short and it can be uncomfortable for both you and the dog.

Remember that many areas do not alllow you to let your dog off the lead, meaning a lead should be carried at all times when walking your dog. It would even be wise to have a spare lead, as there is always a chance that a lead could break from age or wear and tear.

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