A Dog Walkers Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Collar.

Dog collars are an important purchase for any dog. They are important when walking your dog and can also carry important identification information if your dog is ever lost.

There are so many different types of collars, varying in colour, style and fabric. You may find that you actually end up with more than one collar for your dog. Coco actually has a day time collar that I don’t mind if it gets dirty and then a collar for when we are off out (like her Sunday best!!)

It’s important not to pick a collar just based on the colour of it…and how cute it is. You should also make sure it’s the correct size, weight and fit for your dog.

There are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when measuring your dog for a collar.

  • Measure around the neck.
  • Add one inch for a small dog and two inches for a large dog. This is the size of their neck.
  • Make sure the collar is comfortable but not too loose or tight. You should be able to slide two fingers in between the collar then it’s the correct fit.
You may decide once you have fitted your dogs collar that it is not the best style of collar for a Dog Walk. A Halti or a Harness might suit your dog more. Depending on the type of dog sometimes Halti’s or Harnesses can be better for a dog that pulls a lot.
I know Coco is terrible on a lead and Collar – but she walks perfectly on a Halti. It’s a completely different experience taking her out on that – rather than having one arm longer than the other when you get back from her being out on her Dog Collar and Lead.
Remember as well that dogs grow – so your Dog’s Collar will need to be changed on a regular basis until they reach full size.
Why not check out our range of Dog Collars today to make sure that your dog enjoys their next walk with you.



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