Choosing the Right Cat Bed For Your Cat

Cats love to be cosy and warm and so it is important to choose the right bed for your cat. A good cat bed can stop your cat from sleeping on the furniture or beds and reduce the amount of cat hair throughout the house.

There are different styles of cat bed that you can choose from. Some are more like pieces of furntiture, where as others are just a pillow that you can place in your cats favourite spot.

Before you purchase a cat bed consider where the it will be placed. Some cats like to sleep near a window or close to the fire, where as other cats would be happy in a bed placed on the floor in the kitchen. Consider where you cats favourite spots are to sleep and then choose a bed which will be most suited to that spot.

Cat Beds

It’s also important to think about how much space you have and which bed would fit best in your house. Choosing and elaborate bed that takes up half the room is not ideal.

Consider what type of fabric the bed is made of. Cats do like to be cosy and so a soft bed will encourage them to curl up and keep warm.

You may want to consider something that is washable if your cat is outside a lot of the time. Although cats are notoriously clean you may still want to wash your cats bed.

The shape of bed is also important. Would your cat prefer a bed that is enclosed like an igloo or does your cat prefer to stretch out and be able to see what is going on around them.

With so many beds to choose from your are sure to find something that is a good match for your house and your cat.

The perfect choice of cat bed will result in an enjoyable cat nap!

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