How To Choose The Right Dog Walker For Your Dog?

How To Choose The Right Dog Walker

If you work long hours or are often asked to stay late at work then it’s probably time to start considering hiring a Dog Walker. But how do you choose the right Dog Walker for your dog?

5 Things to Consider To Make Sure You Choose The Right Dog Walker.


#1. Type Of Dog Walking Services They Are Offering

You know your dog better than anyone and the type of dog walk that would probably suit them best. I have 2 dogs, Coco and Joey, and both have different needs when it comes to dog walks.

Coco is very shy and nervous around strangers and I know she would hate a Group Dog Walk. She is much happier in a 1 to 1 situation.

Joey on the other hand is more sociable and friendly and loves the excitement of meeting new dogs. However, he doesn’t always have the best recall and so I would worry if he was in a group walk that if he was let off the lead he might not come back.

So, I know for my dogs that I need 1 to 1 care for them because I just wouldn’t take the risk that someone might lose my dog.

#2. Ask for Referrals From Other Dog Owners

If you are working you probably have colleagues who own dogs. Why not ask them for a referral? We know that our happy customers are delighted to tell others about the great dog walking service that they receive from us.

Find out what they love about their Dog Walker, what services they offer and whether they have availability for your dog.

“The Pet Sitters Ireland team were able to set up walks every day for two weeks while I was away on business at short notice. My sister minded the dogs but cannot walk them. The two girls who walked the dogs were not only reliable and professional, but they were real dog lovers who gave kisses and treats. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. ” ~Helen

#3. Are They a Professional Dog Walker?

There are lots of people that decide to be a Dog Walker to earn a little extra cash on the side.  They might be doing it as a part time hobby which means their availability may be limited or they may even have a daytime job themselves.

It’s also important to consider whether they can handle different situations to keep your dog safe. And if your dog did become sick are they able to cope with that situation.

Not everyone is cut out to be a proficient and reliable Dog Walker.

Read more about our Pet Care Certification we adhere to in order to make sure we are the best Dog Walkers possible.

#4. Check Out Online Reviews

It’s easy to find out about a company online. Check out their social channels and their website for reviews.

  • Are they creating content about what they do and how they do it?
  • Are contact details clear and easy to find?
  • And is someone easily contactable?

Most companies will allow you to call some of their existing customers to ask them how they find the service, so always ask if this option is available.

“It is a great weight off my mind knowing that while I am away for the day at work I can rely on Pet Sitter Ireland to walk my German Shepherd regardless of the weather. I get an update after the each visit to reassure me all is well. Strongly recommend the service. Very professional and reliable.”~Trevor

#5. Talk To Them

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and speak to them about what they do. You want to know how easy they are to contact and how friendly and helpful they are.

This initial contact is a good indicator of the level of service you will receive in the future.

We know your dog is really important to you and so we are committed to spending time getting to know you and your dog at the Meet and Greet.

Get in touch with us to find out how you can hire a Pet Sitters Ireland Dog Walker. 

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