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You may or may not have seen this picture in a newspaper or online, but super diva Mariah Carey recently tweeted this of herself in the bath with her pooch Jill E Beans to all her adoring fans on Twitter.

Mariah also owns a Jack Russell called Jack who is driven around in his own limo and flies first class. When the singer was expecting twins in 2005, she sent her dogs to therapy in order to prevent them suffering with “trauma” on arrival of the babies.I found this quite amusing so I decided to do a bit more research on celebrities and their dogs and I must say they take the term “pampered pooch” to a whole new level! Let’s take a look at some of the best known celebrities and their famous dogs.

Paris Hilton anad Tinkerbell:

Tinkerbell is a teacup Chihuahua that lives in the lap of luxury with the otherHilton dogs. Although Tinkerbell is the most photographed dog, Paris reportedly owns up to 17 others. The dogs all live in their own mansion, a mini replica of Paris’ home. It’s apparently larger than a studio apartment and contains furniture, a spiral staircase, a chandelier and a balcony. And to top it all, it’s even air conditioned! Tinkerbell also has her own pool and spa and is frequently spoiled with designer outfits, diamond encrusted collars and Louis Vuitton carrier bags.

Paris Hiltons Dog House
Paris Hiltons Dog House (Pic via dailymail.co.uk)

Oprah Windfrey and Sadie, Layla and Lucky:

It’s a well-known fact that Oprah is never one to be short of cash, and neither are her dogs it seems. It has been rumoured that Oprah is leaving a 30 million dollar inheritance in her will to her dogs which will cover their feeding, grooming and pampering. They are also fed by a special chef, each has their own nanny and they all have their own website. Oprahs dog Sophie, who passed away in 2008, owned her very own penthouse and terrace worth 7.1 million dollars.

Jesica Simpson and Daisy:

When Daisy Simpson was alive; Jessica made no secret of her adoration for her canine. Daisy appeared on Jessica’s show “Newlyweds”, was thrown luxury birthday parties, was carried around in Louis Vuitton only, and was given her own specially cooked meals in restaurants.

Jessica Simpson and Dog Daisy
Jessica Simpson and Dog Daisy (Photo from vh1.com)

Britney Spears and Hannah:

Hannah the dog was adopted into the Spears family in 2012 and quickly adapted to the celebrity dog lifestyle. Hannah Spears even has a twitter account with 35,000 followers. She is also often snapped wearing a range of cute little jumpers and collars, which are no doubt designer as well.
So it appears that celebrity dog owners really do love to pamper their pooches.

If I were rich the first thing on my list for Simba and Nala would be their own double bed seeing as they love taking up all the space on mine! Would you splash the cash on your dog if you were famous? And what would you buy them?

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