Love Your Pets Podcast Eps 11: What Does Your Cats Meowing Mean?

Cats Meowing

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Weekly Fun Fact

Cats sleep 70% of their lives.

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This week we feature Dingles Own Grumpy Cat

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In The Spotlight: What Does Your Cats Meowing Mean?

This week I had quite the experience with my cat. Normally he is an easy going cat. He comes in for his dinner, does a bit of meowing if it is delayed and then curls up in his bed and sleeps off his dinner.

But this week was different. I decided to get some of the new Whiskers soup for cats for him to try. It comes in a sachet, it smelt good enough for a human to eat and I must admit I was tempted to give it a little taste.

The first sachet I gave him he went mad for – he really loved it. He was meowing for more so I gave him some more. That’s when it all started!

It was an aggressive give me more meow that I have never seen before and this didn’t stop morning, noon and night. Every time I went into the kitchen he was screaming at me.

I actually felt sorry for him – it was like he was addicted.

I won’t be buying it again as the entire experience until all sachets were gone was very stressful for both me and the cat.

But, this did spark me to think a bit more about how our cats communicate with us.

Why Are Cats Meowing?

Kittens meow to their mothers when they’re hungry, cold, or scared. But when a cat gets older, they use yowling, hissing, and growling to communicate with each other. Cats meowing is reserved for conversations with their human owners.

They want your attention

Maybe you cat just wants to say Hello or get some attention from you. Perhaps they want a cuddle or some time alone with you.

Sometimes our pets just want our attention.


Perhaps your cat is not feeling well and is trying to tell you. Look out for changes in their normal behaviour and if you see anything different then take them to the vets.

You could always give them a self-examination just to make sure they are not hurt of injured if you are concerned.


Sometimes you would think that my cat never gets fed. He seems to just decide he wants food and then meows until he stops.

Make sure you keep to a routine when it comes to feeding your cat. I know our cat has managed to get himself two dinners in one night from his meowing!


Sometimes if your cat’s environment has changed it can leave them feeling very stressed. Maybe you have moved house, got another pet or even a neighbour got a new pet.

If you cat is experiencing a lot of changes then it’s good to spend some extra play time with them.

Old Age

Much like humans can get a bit confused and forgetful as they get older your cat might experience this too. If they are confused, then the stress can often lead to excess meowing.

They are probably just trying to tell you that they need something or just want your attention.

In Heat

Female cats get very noisy when they are in heat to attract a male friend. You can stop this by having your cat spayed or neutered.

You will also be doing your part to stop unwanted kittens.

What Does Your Cats Meowing Mean?

If you believe your cat can talk to you then you will be interested to know that apparently there are different meows for different things they want to say. It’s all based on the length of the meow and the tone.

Short meow: Just a quick “Hello!”
Multiple meows: A more personal excited greeting “Great to see you!”
Mid-pitch meow: Your cat wants something from you. “I’d like to eat.”
Drawn-out meow: They are demanding you do something. “Open the door NOW.”
Low-pitch meow: An official complaint. “Hey – my bowl is still empty!”
High-pitch meow/roar!: Anger or pain. “That’s my TAIL you just stepped on!”

So a short meow followed by multiple meows means Hello, Great to see you!

When Smug was wanting more of the soup for cats that was a roar saying Give me that soup now or else!

How To Stop Your Cat Meowing

There is nothing really that you can do to stop your cat meowing. If they want to talk to you then they will.

There are a few measures you could take to limit the meowing to a minimum

1. Keep a feeding routine so they know when they are being fed and don’t feed them as a result of them meowing.
2. Make time to play with them and give them daily attention. Find some games you can play with them that they love.
3. Don’t give into their demands! If they are meowing for something wait until they stop so they don’t get used to meowing for what they want.
4. Never shout at your cat for meowing – they really do just want to talk to you!
5. If you are worried about your cats meowing then take them to the vet.

So now you know how to understand your cat’s meows and maybe you can talk back to them!

Let me know does your cat meow a lot? What do they like to say to you?