Homemade Catnip Cat Treats: Catnip Delight

Homemade catnip cat treats

When it comes to catnip cats either love it or hate it. Some cats go crazy for it and others might not even notice it at all. We’ve previously talked about catnip¬†and why cats love it, but today we are sharing a recipe for catnip homemade cat treats that we are sure most cats will devour with great enthusiasm.


1/2 tin tuna in water

1 tablespoon of catnip

1 egg

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of grated cheese


#1. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius (fan assisted)

#2. Combine the tuna, egg and cheese together.

#3. Mix the flour into the wet mixture.

cat nip treat mixture

#4. Form into a dough and then roll 1/4 inch thick. If it’s too wet you can always add a bit more flour.

#5. Run a knife across the dough to mark out small treat size squares. Do not cut completely through the mixture, you just want to score it.

#6. Bake on a greaseproof covered baking tray for 15 mins or until golden.

#7. You can then separate the small treats.



Our cat loved these. He’s quite fond of catnip, so he definitely could smell that in them. They broke away easily when I separated them, and scoring them and baking them was an easier method than trying to cut into squares and then place on a baking tray.

The recipe made lots of treats, so if you wanted to try out a few first you could half the recipe.

Do you make treats for your cat? Let us know if you try these in the comments below.