A Cat Sitters Guide To Choosing A Cat Toy For Your Cat

We tend to think that cats are less interactive than dogs, that they are more independent pets than perhaps a dog would be. But cats love to play, and anything that moves can be a great source of entertainment for your cat.

Catnip Cat Toys

Finding the perfect toy for you cat is important to keep them from playing with off limit items around the house. I am sure you would prefer your cat had their own toys, rather than playing with ornaments or a box of tissues on the table!

The type of Cat Toy you choose for your cat is often determined by the things your cat enjoys doing. Our cat likes anything that he can throw in the air, so Cat Nip filled mice can be a great source of entertainment for him. Although he still likes to catch the real thing!!

He also likes to chase things, so any Cat Toy that moves along the ground, or maybe hangs from a door and moves, is great fun for him. It means that when he is home alone that he has something to entertain him.

Cat Toys don’t have to be expensive, they can even be homemade. A piece of string on a stick or a ball of tin foil for your cat to chase can make a fun game for them. If you are making Cat Toys yourself, make sure that you supervise any playtime – you want to make sure that they are safe for your cat and there is no chance of any injury from them.

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