Cat Toys

Most cats love to play with Cat Toys, no matter what their age. For a kitten it allows them to learn natural hunting skills. It also helps with their movement and encourages them to socialize. For older cats it just brings out their more playful side.

Cat games can vary from a string on a stick or a ball, to something that a cat might hunt, like a mouse. By ensuring your cat has a range of toys it means that they do not become bored and destructive while you are out of the house. If your pet doesn’t have their own toys to play with, they may look for other things to entertain them around the house.

Cat GamesFor an indoor cat it is also important to make sure they have enough toys to keep them active and prevent them from becoming overweight. Where as an outdoor cat would have open space to exercise in, an indoor cat might need additional toys to encourage the same level of activity. For example an indoor cat would benefit from something to climb on and scratch.

Many Cat Toys contain Cat Nip – which most cats absolutely love. It’s completely safe for cats, and many will react by rolling in it, eating it, licking it or just sniffing it. Although your cat will love it, they will not become addicted to it and it is something that can keep your cat more active when contained in their toys.

Cat Games

Interactive cat toys are becoming more popular for cats that need some encouragement to play. Often a treat or moving object is placed in the toy to make the game more fun for your cat. It’s also something that you can play with together with your cat.

Cat toys should always be checked for loose parts and replaced as required. Keeping your cat safe while they play is very important and will them purring with pleasure!

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