5 Reasons Why We Don’t Offer Every Other Day Cat Sitting Visits

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Many people who have cats will probably agree that cats, in general, live life on their own terms: Giving and receiving affection when it suits them, playing only when they’re in the mood, and running around when they feel like it.

But, as independent as cats may appear, they still need supervision, especially if you are going to be away from home for more than 24 hours.

Unfortunately, because of that independent streak cats typically exhibit, some people mistakenly believe that leaving their cat home alone, while they travel or plan to be away from home for more than 24 hours, will work – especially if they leave extra food and water out and have someone check on their cat every other day.

A cat left home alone for more than a day at a time could very well lead to tragedy. To ensure your cat’s safety and wellbeing, Pet Sitters Ireland does not offer every other day cat sitting visits for numerous reasons, including:

5 Reasons Why We Don’t Offer Every Other Day Cat Sitting Visits

#1. Your cat may get sick.

No one expects their cat to get sick, especially when they are away, but illness often strikes when you least expect it. Swift action is often required when a cat gets sick. A cat sitter, who visits your home each day, can ensure that your cat receives veterinary attention quickly.

#2. Your cat may get injured.

Cats can be daring and sometimes accidents happen. A cat left unsupervised for more than 24 hours increases the chance of an injury. Your cat could be walking on her favourite book shelf, for example, when it tips over, hurting her. Imagine your cat hurts herself after the cat sitter leaves – and isn’t scheduled to return for nearly two days. Your cat will suffer unnecessary pain and stress as a result of having to wait for veterinary attention.

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#3. Your cat may be tempted to overeat.

An automatic food dispenser may seem like a dream come true, especially for your cat. But, some cats may be prone to overeating, which could lead to illness. A pet sitter will ensure your cat does not overeat by feeding him the recommended amount of food each day.

#4. Your cat could run out of water.  

Most animals are crafty. Even the sturdiest water bowl can, with some manoeuvring, be tipped over, leaving your cat without water for hours. Your cat must have plenty of fresh water to stay hydrated and to remain healthy.

#5. Your cat could become trapped.

How many times have you searched all over the house for your cat, only to find her hiding in some obscure spot, such as behind a dresser or in the closet? Your cat could find what she thinks is the perfect hiding spot when she’s home alone – and become trapped. A pet sitter will ensure your cat is safe with each daily visit.

Leaving your cat home alone for more than a day, without a pet sitter to check on her, just doesn’t make sense when you consider the potential risks.

Pet Sitters Ireland’s daily cat sitting visits will provide your cat with the care, time, and attention she needs and craves while you are away.

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