Why Hire A Cat Sitter? Reasons My Cat Needs A Cat Sitter.

When customers call us because they are thinking of travelling away they are relieved to know that we can send a Cat Sitter to take care of their cat. They, like us, realise that cats are not the independent creatures that people think they are and they need lots of TLC the same as a dog would.

So when we talk them about the service that a Cat Sitter can provide they can see how Cat Sitting is a great benefit to them and their cat.

Benefits of hiring a Cat Sitter while you travel away from home:

Your cats could get lonely.

While typically people think that cats like their own space, they still enjoy human company. Our service include taking time to play with your cat  – if they want to of course! This means that your cat will not feel lonely while you are away.

Cat Sitter

Your cat might be travel sick.

A lot of cats don’t like travelling in the car. With a Cat Sitter your cat gets to stay at home and you don’t have to struggle getting them into a cat carrying box and then listen to them cry all the way there and back. Instead you get to settle them into their bed while they get ready for their first Cat Sitting visit.

Not relying on electric feeders

While electronic feeders are great, and can be integrated into your Cat Sitting routine, it is not a good idea to rely on one for a long period of time. What if it breaks or doesn’t open at the right time? It would be awful to come home after a few days away to find that you cat had not been delivered their normal meals and had just been waiting for your return to get fed.

Home is secure

Your house is not secure if no-one is checking on it while you are away. Unless your cat is a lion then it is unlikely that it will deter anyone from breaking in. Our Cat Sitters will check your home each time they complete a visit. They can also turns lights on and off to make the house look lived in. We can even bring in the bin or put it out for you on bin day.

Daily checks for your cat

If you cat got sick or trapped somewhere you wouldn’t know until you got home. Our Cat Sitters will make sure they check your cat is healthy and there are no dangers to them in the house. That’s why we never do Cat Sitting visits every other day.

Clean home

If you have a cat flap then your cat may have brought you in a little present! You wouldn’t want to come home to find that on your kitchen floor! Our Cat Sitters will remove that and dispose of it for you.

Peace of Mind!

You don’t want to be wondering and worrying if you cat is safe and your home is secure while you are enjoying a trip away with friends of family. With Pet Sitters Ireland we email you after every visit to let you know your pets are safe and your home is secure. We even include pictures of you cat.

These are just some of the reasons why you would use the services of a Cat Sitter.

Why not organise a Free Meet and Greet with one of our Cat Sitters and get organised for your next trip away.

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