Why Your Cat Is Happier At Home With A Cat Sitter Than Going To A Cattery

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Do you own a cat? If so, you might automatically assume that a Cattery or Kennel is the best option for your cat when you are away on holidays.

However, you might be surprised to hear that your cat would much prefer to stay home!

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Why Your Cat Is Happier At Home With A Cat Sitter Than Going To A Cattery

No Travel Required With A Cat Sitter

One of the biggest benefits of leaving your cat at home with a cat sitter is there is no travel to and from the cattery with your cat in the car.

Most cats do not enjoy car rides at all. Cats are easily stressed in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations. They might suffer from motion sickness or become incontinent during car travel.

Leaving them at home with a cat sitter avoids this nightmare scenario completely.

Your Cats Get To Keep Their Normal Routine At Home

Studies have shown that cats are creatures of habit and a change in routine could cause your cat to get sick.

Keeping a routine with your cat will keep them happy, less stressed and healthy. For example, feeding time. Cats should be fed at around the same time each day. This prevents major weight loss or gain, sets a routine in toilet breaks and prevents them from eating too fast.

Sending your cat to a Cattery is inevitably going to change your cat’s daily routine. This can cause health problems and create major stress for your cat! That’s another benefit of hiring a Cat Sitter – they can come into your house at set times (which you can choose) to feed your cat. This keeps them on their regular routine.

A lot of cat owners don’t think twice about bringing their cat out of the house. But for your cat, who spends a lot of their day maintaining their territorial boundaries, a trip out can be extremely scary.

Cats are always going to be more comfortable at home in their familiar surroundings.

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Your Cat Won’t Be Lonely With A Cat Sitter and Pet Cam

Lots of people might worry about their cat being lonely for periods of the day. While it is true that cats need stimulation and interaction regularly, sending them to a cattery isn’t the only solution to this problem.

Aside from a cat sitter coming in twice a day to interact with and feed your pet, Pet Cams are a great option for you to keep an eye on your pet whilst you are away.

Pet Cube is a great brand of Pet Cam you can use. With a camera installed so you can see your cat’s every move, the app on your phone also allows you to control a laser which will keep your pet stimulated and entertained during the day. You can also buy cams with additional voice control and treat dispensers.

However, cats do spend the vast majority of their day sleeping, so a few hours in between Cat Sitter visits would be completely fine.

Cat’s Generally Don’t Get Depressed From Being On Their Own

You might also worry about your cat becoming depressed due to lack of attention during the day.

And although it is possible for cats to become depressed from a lack of attention and interaction, more commonly a cat can become depressed due to factors such as illness, injury or loss of a loved one. However, depression in cats is rare and not something you should worry about when leaving your cat with a cat sitter.

If you do feel like your cat may be suffering from depression or loneliness, vets recommend giving them extra love and attention, interactive playtimes and new treats. However, a cat’s depression is most likely linked to a physical health problem, and if your cat isn’t eating properly, they should be brought in for a check-up.

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Your Cat Won’t Be Home Alone For Too Long

How long you can leave your cat at home depends on their age, health or on your pet’s personality or habits.

Kittens shouldn’t be left alone for longer than 4-8 hours, depending on their age.

Adult cats reportedly can be left at home for much longer – up to 48 hours according to some reports.

However we would not recommend this as there can be risks to leaving your cat home alone for that long, such as them getting injured or ill.

Food and water may also run low, even if you think you have supplied them with enough. You never know how much your cat could be eating or drinking – or if they knock their bowl over.

Litter boxes also need to be scooped regularly, and of course your cat needs some interaction and attention.

By having 1 to 2 visits a day to look after your cat it ensures they are safe and have enough food and water supplied.

Of course, having a cat sitter also increases home security while you are away. Checking in on your kitty twice a day, we are also checking on your house, making sure it is secure from any break-ins.

If You Do Decide To Use A Cattery – Do It Early

If you do decide that a Cattery is the best option for your cat it is recommended that you should start putting them in whilst they are very young. That way, they will be used to the environment and this will avoid major stress.

Putting them in as an adult for the first time may cause them to become stressed and potentially ill from a lack of regular routine. It must be extremely confusing for them.

The same goes if you have adopted a rescue cat from a shelter. They will most likely be older and un-exposed to catteries, but it also may be quite distressing for them as it might remind them of the shelter they were once in. Spare your rescue kitty the trauma by keeping them at home with a Cat Sitter.

What You Need To Know Next

It is completely your choice on which option you choose to use for your cat when you are away – you know your cat better than anyone and understand their likes and dislikes.

If you do feel a Cat Sitter is the best option for your cat (one we are sure they will love you for!!) then find out more here where you can easily arrange to meet with us.

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