Cat Feeding Service: Hiring A Cat Sitter To Feed Your Cat

Cat Feeding Service

If you have a cat and are thinking of travelling away, one of the first things you probably ask yourself is who is going to feed the cat. It can be a challenge for cat owners, as most cats hate travelling to kennels or catteries. This is where a Cat Feeding Service can be a huge benefit to you and your cat.

When you hire the services of a Cat Sitter not only do them come in and feed your cat, but they also play with them, change their litter and make sure they are comfy and cosy in their home.

What Is A Cat Feeding Service?

People often say to us when they call that they need someone to come in and feed their cat when they are away. They perhaps want 1-2 visits per day to make sure their cat gets their food at their normal feeding time.

They don’t want to put their cat through the stress of taking a trip in the car to stay in unfamiliar surroundings. Instead, they want them to stay at home and have us visit them each day and make sure they are fed and watered.

What Does A Cat Sitter Do?

When you hire a Cat Sitter not only do they feed your cat but there are also a number of other tasks that they carry out. These are all the things that you would probably do when you are home with your cat.

  • Feed your cat
  • Refresh your cat’s water
  • Play games with your cat (if they want to)
  • Stroke and cuddle your cat (again, if they want to)
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Open and close curtains and blinds
  • Bring in post
  • Put out bins
  • Water plants
  • Check home security
    and more if you need us to.

The Benefits Of Using A Cat Sitter

The biggest benefit for most people when they use a Cat Sitter is that their cat gets to stay at home. There is no need for your cat to travel anywhere, which for most cats can be very stressful.

It’s also a very convenient service where you don’t have to drop your cat anywhere, instead, they are waiting at home for you when you return from your trip.

How Much Does A Cat Sitter Cost?

The cost of a Cat Sitter varies depending on the number of visits that you want each day for your cat. You can read about the options for Cat Sitting in our article below.

>> The Cost Of Hiring A Cat Sitter

This will give you a breakdown of the options we offer and you can decide which will suit you best.

Will My Cat Like A Cat Sitter?

Only you really know your cat well enough to answer that question, however, we know that most cats that we work with love the fact that they get to stay at home and sleep all day on the sofa, eat their favourite food and generally be spoilt while their owners are away.

If your cat is very shy then don’t worry we won’t be stressing them by insisting that they play with us. We’ll just come in, make sure they are ok, feed them, do our jobs and hang out with them. If they want to come and get to know us then that’s fine and if not then we won’t bother them.

Ready To Find Out How We Can Help You?

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Don’t worry if you have other pets as well, we can take care of all of them while we are at your home.