Choosing the Right Cat Collar

Cat collars come in different colours, materials and styles. However choosing a cat collar is not just about how pretty your cat looks in it, it is also important that it is comfortable and safe for your cat.

There are lots of thinks to consider when choosing the perfect collar for your cat.

Cat collars should always have a breakaway safety feature, so that if your cat gets caught on something they can release themselves from the collar. This is why you should never put a dog collar on your cat.

Cat CollarThey can also be very useful for your cats safety. A reflective collar helps your cat stand out in the dark. This can be really important if you live in a highly trafficked area. The reflective strip or stiching can help drivers see your cat when they are crossing the road.

It is also important to attach an identity tag to your cats collar so that if they get lost or injured you can be contacted. It can also be a good idea to get your cat microchipped as well in case they lose their collar.

Many people also like to attach a bell to their cat’s collar. Owners often think that it will help alert birds and other small animals to their cats presence. It also helps reduce the number of small gifts brought to your doorstep!

You should always make sure that the cat’s collar is the right fit.  Too tight and the collar will be uncomfortable for your cat and it could cause choking. Too loose and it could get caught on something when they are out and about. If your cat is young and growing then make sure you check the fit of the collar on a regular basis.

There is nothing to stop you from purchasing a stylish and fashionable cat collar – just check out the collar to make sure that it’s the perfect choice for your cat.

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