Carlow Pet Sitter (Pros, Services, Costs)

Carlow Pet Sitter

As pet owners when we decide to book a trip away one of the first things we think of is what will we do with the pets. There are very few options if you don’t have a friend or family member to ask. You could try a boarding kennels, but often this isn’t something that pet owners want to do. Instead, if you live the Carlow area you could hire a Carlow Pet Sitter to come and feed your pets, play with them, walk them and much more.

What Is A Pet Sitter?

If you have never heard of a Pet Sitter then you might not be exactly sure what it is that they do. Pet Sitting is a service that allows your pets to stay at home. Each day your Pet Sitter will come to your home and carry out your pet care instructions.

So for example if you want your cat to be fed 3 times per day then we would visit your home 3 times during the day. Each time we came we would feed them, play with them and check their cat litter. If you only wanted them fed twice a day or once a day then that is the number of times we would visit.

Maybe you have dogs and they love to go for their walk in a nearby park. If that’s the case then that is where we would take them.

Our job is to follow your exact pet care instructions and make sure there is as little disruption to your pets schedule as possible.


Why Hire A Pet Sitter?

There are a lots of reason why you might book a Pet Sitter to take care of your pets.

#1. Your Pets Stay At Home

When you use the services of a Pet Sitter your pets get to stay at home. They don’t have to travel in the car or be away from their comfortable bed. Everything stays the same for them and when you return they will be happy waiting at home ready to see you.

#2. Less Stressful

Many pets are frighted of travelling in the car or of new surroundings. If your pets have never been away from the home then it can be very stressful leaving them in a strange place that they don’t know. The new smells and sounds can make them very anxious.

If they are at home though they can relax knowing everything is staying exactly the same.

#3. Home Security

Home Security is extremely important and something we unfortunately have to take into consideration when we go away. When you hire a Pet Sitter someone is coming to your home a number of times per day and can make your home looked lived in.

By turning lights on and off, opening and closing blinds/curtains then you can make your house look more lived in. A home that looks occupied is less likely to be a target for crime.

Pet Sitters Carlow

#4. 1 to 1 Care For Your Pets

Your pets are probably used to lots of love and cuddles. When you hire a Pet Sitter that’s exactly what they will receive on a daily basis. The 1 to 1 attention is what your pets are used to.

So whether that is 1 to 1 walks, playtime or just a cuddle on the sofa then we can do that with them.

How Much Does A Carlow Pet Sitter Cost?

The cost of your Pet Sitter will vary depending on the number of visits your pets need. We would advise you contact us to find out more about how we can put together a visiting schedule to suit both you and your pets.

How Do You Book A Pet Sitter?

Booking a Pet Sitter online means that you can track your visits, see when your Pet Sitter has been and view all of the lovely pictures that they take of them.

I know when I am away I can’t wait for my Pet Sitter to email over pictures of my pets playing happily at home.

Need Help?

If you want to hire a Pet Sitter then please do get in touch with us. We look forward to meeting you and your pets and helping you with your pet care needs.